23 Apr 2015

Kenco Millicano Dark Roast Wholebean Instant Coffee

Even though I have a Nespresso machine and a cafetiere I still like to keep a jar or two of instant coffee in the cupboards for busy mornings or when I just fancy a change. Unlike most instant coffees, Kenco Millicano also contains finely milled wholebean coffee (around 15%), to give an aroma and taste that is more reminiscent of roast and ground coffees. I was sent their newest addition, the  Kenco Millicano Dark Roast, to try.

I like the packaging and the fact that the Kenco Millicano comes in a tin, much easier to deal with in the morning than a heavy glass jar. The appearance of the coffee is appealing too, with large granules and an absolutely mouthwatering rich coffee aroma. It's simple to make too, with one or two spoonfuls according to taste and hot water, just off the boil. I found one and a half spoonfuls created the best results for mee. It's also a good idea to stir it immediately when adding the hot water.

Once made, the coffee looks similar to any other instant coffee, although you can get little flecks of the ground coffee, especially towards the bottom. The flavour is definitely reminiscent of a ground coffee but with the smoother influence of the instant coffee too. It's a good blend of both and creates a very smooth and strong morning cup of coffee. I much prefer the flavour here in this Dark Roast to the original Kenco Millicano coffee (which I've tried in the past) which I found had a bitter aftertaste. I was pleased that there was no such bitterness in this Dark Roast, it has a much richer and cleaner flavour. Of course, it's not a replacement for freshly ground coffee, as the flavour is not as strong as that, but the added milled ground coffee does make is a lot more flavourful then many other instant coffees.

Kenco is supporting a project called Coffee vs Gangs which helps young and vulnerable young people in Honduras a chance to train as coffee farmers - offering an alternative to gangs and a chance at a better future. For more information: www.coffeevsgangs.com

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