7 Feb 2016

Review: Nespresso Limited Edition taste of Mexico and Rwanda

Nespresso recently launched their latest limited edition Pure Origin Grand Cru capsules; the Umutima wa Lake Kivu from Rwanda and the Tanim de Chiapas from Mexico. I appreciate Nespresso's aim of bringing it's members more coffees from around the world and I was keen to give these newest varieties a try.

The packaging is quite different from the usual muted colour palette from Nespresso. Both the sleeves and capsules are both vibrantly decorated, with patterns reflective of their countries of origin. 

Nespresso Umutima wa Lake Kivu: This Pure Origin Grand Cru from Rwanda has an intensity rating of 6 which is much lower than I would usually go for. I prefer the Nespresso coffees that have an intensity rating of 8 and higher. However, I was pleased to find that this coffee has a very robust and strong flavour. It's described by Nespresso as having fruity notes and a darker roast for strength and texture. I could certainly taste the darker roasted quality of this coffee which gives it a deeper, layered taste, without any bitter notes.

Nespresso Tanim de Chiapas: The Pure Origin Grand Cru from Mexico actually has a slightly higher intensity rating of 7. The flavour here is quite multi-layered but I found that it was much lighter and sweeter overall when compared to the darker Rwandan blend. I still enjoyed the smooth and sweet flavour here and especially liked it with a little added milk (almond milk in my case).

Overall, I am quite surprised to find that I would recommend both these Pure Origin Grand Crus. I expected the lower intensity rating would equal a flavour that was too weak for me (which is usually the case with the lower intensity Nespresso) but that was not the case at all. Both coffees offer delicious, complex, and layered flavours, and I'd happily take both of them over the previous limited edition Nespresso from Peru. I especially like the fact that they both provide a different taste experience, with the Rwandan Grand Cru having a more intense, dark flavour, and the Mexican Grand Cru giving a more mellow, sweet flavour.

Let me know if you've tried either of these - I'd love to know if you enjoyed them too.

Grocery Gems Review: Nespresso taste of Mexico & Rwanda:

Rating: 8 out of 10. 
Buy Again: Yes.
Purchased: Nespresso.
Price: £3.80p (10 capsules).

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