Sunday, 19 April 2015

New Instore: Asda Cherry & Cinnamon Pressé Drink and More

Asda Cherry & Cinnamon Pressé: For a cinnamon fan like me this just looks like a delicious combination. It's a sparkling blend flavoured with fruity cherry and a hint of warming cinnamon. I'll be tracking down this one soon. £0.50p each (250ml) at Asda.

Heidi Dark Chocolate: Asda is now stocking seven different varieties of Heidi dark chocolate bars. There are lots of interesting flvours such as Pistachio, Espresso, Cranberry and even a Mint & Lemon. £1.15p at Asda.

Liberté Yogurt Seeds & Mixed Fruit: I mentioned this new range of Liberté yogurt pots, which also includes a Muesli variety, in my previous post. There are two Seeds varieties; Seeds & Mixed Berries and Seeds & Mixed Fruit. £0.85p at Asda.

Many thanks to Lucy W. for all the great finds and photos in this post. As always, if you've spotted or bought any interesting new products then I'd love to hear from you too - or @grocerygems.

Quick Review: Lucozade Grafruitti

It's taken me the longest time to find the special edition Lucozade Grafruitti even though it's been out for ages now. The flavour is described simply on the front as "Mixed Fruit" and more specifically online as a "mixed berries and citrus fruit with an exotic twist".  The fruit ingredients listed on the back are apple, orange and raspberry but there are also "flavourings" in the mix too.

The overall flavour here quite hard to describe but it's definitely very sweet and sugary. It has a generic type of fruity flavour that has a sweet bubblegum undertone to it. I actually really enjoyed it as a sweet pick-me-up and I can imagine buying this again when the weather is warmer.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Lucozade Grafruitti

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Local newsagent. 
Price: £0.95p.

Friday, 17 April 2015

New Instore: Limited Edition Capri Sun, Quorn Ravioli & More

Limited Edition Capri Sun BanApple: A fruit juice drink flavoured with banana (5%) and apple (5%). I saw this on a pop up advert which was showing it as a Minions tie-in. £1.98p at Asda. 

Schogetten Black & White: I spotted the German chocolate brand Schogetten in my local Lidl this week. I've bought this range of chocolate before on holiday - it's a good value range and has some really interesting flavours (although they can be a bit hit and miss). I couldn't resist picking up two that I haven't seen before - the Black & White, which looks like a cookies and cream combo, and the Almond Brittle. £0.79p each at Lidl.

Many thanks to Fran for the next couple of photos!

Quorn Ravioli: I'm a big fan of Quorn products and I would definitely give this new Quorn Ravioli a try. Annoyingly it's not on the Asda website yet but it's been spotted instore at £1.99p.

Liberté Muesli & Apricot: Another new product from Liberté! I was already excited about the new Mango and Pear varieties but I'll also be adding this Muesli & Apricot pot to my next shopping list. Fran also spotted a Strawberry & Muesli variety and two with a fruit & seed layer. £0.85p at Asda.

Many thanks again to Fran for the great finds and photos. As always, if you've spotted or bought any interesting new products then I'd love to hear from you too - or @grocerygems.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

New Instore Megapost Part 3: Pringles Tortilla Chips, Drinks & Yogurts

The last new instore post of the day! A massive thank you to Sun L. for sending me most of the photos in this post. 

Pringles Tortilla Chips: Thank you to everyone who informed me about these and again to Sun L. for the awesome photo. I haven't bought Pringles in a while but I'll definitely be adding these to my next Asda order. There are Sour Cream and Original varieties. I can imagine these Pringles Tortilla Chips will be very popular with my eldest son and his friends! £1.00p at Asda.

Robinsons Squashed Pear & Blueberry: This is a fairly new flavour for this range, along with Citrus and Tropical varieties. £1.98p at Asda.

Robinsons rebranding and new Lemon & Mango flavour: On the subject of Robinsons squash, Britvic also announced earlier this year that they are phasing out all full-sugar products for this brand. All Robinsons fruit squashes will now be "no added sugar" and will feature the tagline "Real Fruit in Every Drop". There are also new squash flavours such as Lemon & Mango and Orange & Raspberry.

Although I can understand the reasoning behind this decision (falling sales of sugary squash), I'd prefer to still have the choice of real sugar or artificial sweeteners. I also dislike the false emphasis on the FRUIT on the front of the bottle for a product that has only 6% fruit content (5% Lemon and 1% Mango). £1.59p at Asda.

Relentless Mango Ultra: I know literally nothing about canned energy drinks. Never had one. I get my kicks the old fashioned way - coffee. £0.89p at Asda.

Nakd Coconut Bliss Fruit & Nut Nibbles: I really want to try this new range of Fruit & Nut Nibbles from Nakd, especially this Coconut Bliss flavour. £0.80p at Asda.

Nakd Fruit Salad Fruit & Nut Nibbles: The Fruit Salad variety is clearly a nod to the famous sweets of the same name. Kev's Snack Reviews has a review of these and also the Tooty Fruity flavour here. £0.80p at Asda.

Nakd Strawberries & Cream Fruit & Nut Nibbles: This is the second flavour I'd like to try. Apparently these Fruit & Nut Nibbles can be used in baking or as a topping for yogurt or cereal. There are also other flavours; Mint Humbug, Salted Caramel, and Toffee Treat. £0.80p at Asda.

The Laughing Cow Light with Cheddar: I know these have been around for a little while now and I've actually already bought them. They're a tasty addition to The Laughing cow Light triangles cheese range that already includes Blue Cheese and Emmental varieties. £0.94p at Asda.

Nesquik Milk Slice - Milk & Yogurt Filling: The Nesquik Milk Slice Chocolate variety used to be popular with my kids when they were younger (and I quite liked them too!). There is now a new Milk & Yogurt version available too. £1.00p at Asda.

Liberté Strained Greek Style Yogurts on a Mango layer: The Liberté range of strained yogurts is one of my favourites and I'm excited to see a couple of new flavours being released. Mango is always a winning yogurt flavour so I can't wait to try this one! £2.39p at Asda.

Liberté Strained Greek Style Yogurts on a Pear layer: I'm also eager to try the Pear flavour. Pear yogurts can be a bit more hit and miss but it's still a flavour that I enjoy in general. I hope to review these soon. £2.39p at Asda.

McCain Spicy Peri-Peri Fries: Ones to look out for! McCain are launching several new products including these Spicy Peri-Peri Fries.
McCain Mash Machines: These limited edition transport potato shapes are sure to be popular with little kids everywhere. Other new products from McCain include a limited edition American BBQ Wedges and Steakhouse Ridge Cut Fries. Let me know if you spot any of these instore!

Check out my other new instore posts today here and here.

Many thanks again to Sun L. for all the great photos in this post. As always, if you've spotted or bought any interesting new products then I'd love to hear from you too - or @grocerygems.

New Instore Megapost Part 2: M&S Summer Range, Ice Cream, & Yogurt

Another new instore post today as there were too many photos to fit into one post! Many thanks to Lucy W. for the following photos of new products spotted instore.

M&S Summer Trifle Cookies (photo above): I'm not really a fan of M&S cookies (they're a bit too hard and crunchy, although they're fine for dunking) but I do appreciate how regularly they come up with innovative flavours. A Summer Trifle inspired cookie is certainly unique. Available at Marks & Spencer - will update with price.

M&S Strawberry & Dorset Clotted Cream Pancakes: A very British inspired pancake flavour. This looks like a pancake with the toppings already included! Available at Marks & Spencer - will update with price.

Waffletops Vanilla Fudge The Strawberry Blonde: This looks very different, almost like it's an overseas product. It's a waffle that is topped with a vanilla fudge icing and strawberry sprinkles. There are quite a few other flavours too - see a review on Reaching for Refreshment. Available at Asda.

Rolo Dark: A dark chocolate version of the classic toffee filled chocolate cups. £1.59p at Asda.

Limited Edition Rolo Dark Dessert: The new Rolo Dark is also available as a limited edition layered toffee and dark chocolate dessert. £1.98p at Asda.

Licktator Doughnut Disturb - Cinnamon Doughnut Ice Cream: A cinnamon doughnut flavoured ice cream? Yes please! Mr Grocery Gems if you are reading this - your mission is codenamed: "FIND THE LICKTATOR CINNAMON DOUGHNUT ICE CREAM AND BRING IT HOME". Licktator also have other ice cream flavours including; Marshallow, Vanilla Custard, and Popcorn. £3.00p at Ocado (also available at Co-Op).

Müller Light Inspired by Fiji - Mango, Papaya & Banana: I only ever buy these types of Müller Light pots when there is a new flavour (I prefer their Greek Style Yogurts) and I'll certainly be looking out for this new Limited Edition. Mango and banana sounds like a great combination for a yogurt flavour! £0.68p each at Asda.

I have one more new instore post today so please do check back later! Many thanks again to Lucy W. for all the great photos. As always, if you've spotted or bought any interesting new products then I'd love to hear from you too - or @grocerygems

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