16 Jun 2016

Degustabox May Box Review & £6 Discount Code

The May Degustabox was a real treat and absolutely packed full with a varied mix of surprise foodie products, including some perfect picks for barbecues and warmer days (which we're sure to get eventually, right?). 

Degustabox is a subscription service that promises to send out a big box filled with a surprise selection of groceries each month. Each Degustabox costs £12.99p but you can still get £6.00p off using the discount code below. Delivery costs are included in the price and there is no fixed contract involved - you can cancel at any time.

£6 Discount Code: BLDEG15

Degustabox have kindly provided my readers with a massive £6.00 off, bringing the cost to £6.99 delivered. Check out the Degustabox website below and enter the discount code: BLDEG15

Here's a quick round up of all the products I received in May's Degustabox:

Pomegreat: Made only using the Wonderful variety of pomegranates grown in Californian orchards, Pomegreat is a gorgeously sweet and refreshing juice. It's bursting with unique flavour and everyone in the family enjoyed this tasty juice.

Cranes: This is a 4% alcoholic drink that is brewed from crushed cranberries and flavoured with added juice. It's available in three fruit flavours: Original Cranberry, Raspberry & Pomegranate, and Strawberry & Kiwi. Cranes is  made with 100% natural ingredients and is high in juice and low in calories (99 calories). The combinations are light and fruity with a refreshing edge. 

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Barbecue Glaze: Barbecues are very popular in the Grocery Gems household at this time of year and this Jack Daniels glaze is exactly the kind of product that Mr. GG likes to stock up on! The sweet and sticky glaze can be used on ribs and chicken wings or even used as a dip for wedges and veggies. We used it to marinade some chicken wings and they were absolutely full of flavour and delicious.

Beloved Dates: This Date nectar is made from 100% pure dates and nothing else. It's described as perfect as a topping on porridge, pancakes or as an alternative to sugar in home baking. The flavour is quite rich with a burnt sugar type caramel taste. I've enjoyed it on porridge, although a little goes a long way as it's quite sweet. I have the Deliciously Ella cook book and she uses a lot of dates in her recipes so I'm planning to try this Date Nectar out as a replacement.

Mrs Crimble's Gluten Free Classic Madeleine: I was so excited to find these included in the Degustabox. Not only are they gluten free but they're also free of milk ingredients or butter, which is perfect for me.

There are six individually wrapped cakes in each pack, which is ideal for freshness, but I have to be honest these didn't last very long! Each cake has a light and slightly crumbly texture with all the classic vanilla flavour of a traditional Madeleine cake. Apparently these are stocked at Tesco and I'll be adding these to my online orders in future. Perfect with a good cup of coffee.

Get Fruity: These bars contain lots of fruit mixed with gluten free oats and virgin coconut oil with no added refined sugars. They're suitable for vegans and also count towards your five a day. I don't think I've ever tried a fruit bar exactly like this one. The combination of the strong strawberry flavour with the softly chewy oats is absolutely delicious. It's essentially an extra fruity flapjack and I just loved it. I highly recommend trying to track these down and it's easy to see why this is an award-winning product.

The Wonderful Company: There were two snack packs including in the May Degustabox; Pistachios and Almonds. Both types of nuts are sun-ripened in Californian orchards which apparently gives then a high quality taste. They're certainly full of flavour with a lovely, crunchy texture. 

Garofalo Bucati Corti: I've been a fan of Garofalo pasta ever since I tried it in a previous Degustabox and I always add a few packs with any Ocado order. It seems that not all pastas are created equally as this one has a superior flavour and texture compared to my usual supermarket brands of pasta. The Garofalo Bucati Corti has a springy corkscrew shape when cooked which my kids just loved!

Brioche Pasquier: This is the Degustabox Product of the Month. These croissants are free from preservatives, hydrogenated fats and artificial colours. It might not look like the most exciting product but these croissants are wrapped in pairs which means they stay fresher for longer and are perfect for lunch boxes. I've been looking for something like this for ages so thank you Brioche Pasquier!

Kallø: Another great product for on the go snacking are these rice and corn cakes from Kallø. The Yogurt Coated Rice Cakes are made with wholegrain brown rice and coated in a sweet yogurt layer. The Belgian Milk Chocolate corn cakes are coeliac friendly and contain 78 calories per corn cake. These are very satisfying as a sweet treat and I enjoyed the lighter texture and flavours. 

Overall I was really impressed with the selection in the May Degustabox. It's hard to pick the favourites this month as I loved all the products but the highlights are the Get Fruity bar, Brioche Pasquier, and Mrs Crimbles cakes.  If you're a subscriber then I'd love to hear your thoughts on this months Degustabox selection in the comments below.

For more details on Degustabox:

Degustabox website: www.degustabox.com
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I received a Degustabox in order to provide an honest review.

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