22 May 2017

Review: New Costa Coffee Banoffee Frostino

I was excited to hear about this new Coffee Banoffee Frostino at Costa Coffee. I still miss the delicious (and sadly limited edition) Coffee, Oats, & Banana Smoothie that they launched earlier this year - see my review here : Costa Coffee Oats & Banana Smoothie Review.

The Costa Coffee Banoffee Frostino is a creamy iced drink made with fresh banana, espresso, milk, ice and topped with a caramel drizzel and fudge pieces. I've had this drink twice now and both times it's been made with lots of ice which gives it a very thick texture that slowly becomes easier to drink. I would prefer it with slightly less blended ice and a bit more coffee but it's still a very refreshing (and sweet!) drink for these warmer days. The whole thing is not as delicious as their previous banana smoothie, that one had a bit more of a banana and coffee hit, but it's definitely one I'll be buying again this summer. 

If you've tried this drink then I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Grocery Gems Review: Costa Coffee Banoffee Frostino

RATING: 8 out of 10
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Costa Coffee.
Price: £3.50p.


  1. We love them too but today they forgot the syrup and the fudge pieces. My hubby told them and they completely remade them. I would have settled for the fudge pieces put on top as we got them as part of their half price deal.


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