23 May 2019

Coca-Cola Energy Drink Review

A new release by Coca-Cola is always an exciting prospect, even if it is an energy drink. This new Coca-Cola Energy is available in both regular Coca-Cola and Coke Zero Sugar varieties. The cans are small at 250ml but manage to contain 80mg of caffeine, plus added guarana and vitamins.

I tried the full-fat classic Coca Cola version first. The front of the can states that this is 'The only Energy Drink with a great Coca-Cola Taste' which sets the bar pretty high. The drink itself is much paler in colour than Coca-Cola and the flavour could only, at best, be described as having a hint of cola. 

The main flavour is a generic, fizzy fruity one with vague undertones of melted cola cubes or watered down cola. That said, I didn't find it to be an unpleasant flavour but it's certainly a disappointing one and nothing like Coca-Cola. As someone who has rarely had an energy drink before (perfect for this review I know), I can't compare the chemical aftertaste here to other energy drinks, but I didn't find this one overpowering. I also tried the Coke Zero Energy and that one had an even stronger chemical taste and not enough of a cola taste for me to be able to drink more than a few sips.

It will be interesting to see how popular this new Coca-Cola Energy is with the energy drinking crowd. I can see myself grabbing one of these cans if I really needed a pick-me-up - although I'd probably still go for a regular coffee or even a can of regular Coke first. 

Grocery Gems Review: Coca-Cola Energy Drink

RATING: 6.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Maybe.
 105 calories per 250ml (for the regular Coca Cola variety).

Purchased: Sainsbury's Local.
Price: £1.25p per can.


  1. Wow, I didn't know this existed! I'm suprised a big company like this aren't advertising a new product like this more... thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  2. I've only seen adverts for this on bus stops but there's not much buzz about it otherwise!

  3. I think that's the history of Coca Cola. Coca Cola is a big brand and everyone know this. Some time we search hydration drinks and suddenly Coca Cola brand are came on front. That mean its searching many peoples.

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  5. Doesn't taste like Coke as perceived. It has a flat taste and more of the extra stuff added for the energy part then the original coke cola taste.


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