28 Jul 2014

Beech's Dark Chocolate Marzipan

I've been lucky enough to review some really gorgeous chocolates from the Beech's Fine Chocolate range in the past, and this month I was delighted to try out their classic Original Dark Chocolate Marzipan box. Made using own traditional recipe dating back to the 1930's, these Marzipan chocolates also contain the finest almonds, with only natural colours and flavourings. 

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The packaging is simple and sleek, but as with the rest of the Beech's chocolate box range, features a patterned background that gives it a classic yet distinctive appearance. Each box contains 150g, equating to 14 chocolates.

As always the dark chocolate coating used by Beech's is lovely, it has a rich cocoa flavour without being too strong or bitter. The inner marzipan filling has a gorgeous texture, slightly moist and dense, rather than crumbly or dry. It's absolutely delicious too, with the sweet almond flavour perfectly complimenting the dark chocolate covering. All my taste testers loved these chocolates, one of them said it reminded them of cake, which I thought was brilliant! I especially wanted my brother to give these a try as he loves dark chocolate covered marzipans, and he absolutely loved the combination here. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Beech's Dark Chocolate Marzipan

Rating: 9 out of 10.
Buy it again: Yes.
Nutrition: 455 calories per 100g.
Vegetarian: Suitable for vegetarians.
Purchased: Available HERE
Price: £4.99.

Product sent for an honest review.


  1. These look delicious! I think I'm going to do some shopping.

  2. Hello again! These look delicious!


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