20 Jul 2014

New Cadbury Roses Pots of Joy Hazel Whirl

The Cadbury Pots of Joy range certainly seems to be a popular one judging by the number of new releases and limited editions continually added to the range. Following on from the Pots of Joy Strawberry Dream is another Cadbury Roses inspired flavour; Hazel Whirl.

I bought a twin pack from my local Co-Op for £1.29. The Cadbury Pots of Joy Hazel Whirl is described as a dessert made with melted Cadbury milk chocolate, a centre with chopped hazelnuts on a smooth hazelnut flavour fondant.

The flavour is initially very similar to most of the other milk chocolate based Pots of Joy I've tried, the thick chocolate layer on top being identical. Once you get beneath that layer the dessert is slightly more interesting, the hazelnut fondant does have a nice nutty flavour that is reinforced by the chopped nuts which are layered in the centre. I do think that Cadbury missed a trick by not having the chocolate layer on top also being hazelnut flavoured, that would have really taken this dessert to another level. As it is, the hazelnut flavours are somewhat dominated by the chocolate layer. 

I always make this point with the Pots of Joy range and it's worth making again - these are really calorific for such small pots! Each pot is only 70g (in comparison a regular sized yogurt is about 100g) but over 150 calories each. For me, these are definitely one-off purchases, rather than something I would regularly buy.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Cadbury Roses Pots of Joy Hazel Whirl

RATING: 6 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Probably not.
Nutrition (per 70g)
155 calories.
Vegetarian: Not suitable.
Purchased: Co-op.
Price: £1.29p for 2 pack.


  1. I've also bought these Pots of Joy as a twin pack in my local Co-Op and I was somewhat disappointed because the hazelnut flavour was lacking and the nutty bits weren't crunchy enough.

    1. grrrr I hate it when things disappoint, especially when they look so good on the packaging.

    2. Never had a nutty mousse before! be interesting to compare this and the "green triangle" praline quality street dessert. although I can't help but think theyre copying nestle quality street, by expanding the roses brand into mousses just like them


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