Around The World

... In Eighty Snacks!

The Challenge:

I've decided to set myself a personal challenge to review snacks from at least eighty different countries.

What counts?

The list below shows which countries I've already conquered, in a purely snack eating sense. I'm only adding countries to the list if I've published the relevant review on this blog. The products that make this list are usually ones that can be found in the supermarket, or from local grocery and import shops. A few will even be from my travels (or my relatives' travels).

There are lots of countries missing from the list even though I know I have eaten their snacks already - but they don't count if there is no review. In a lot of my earliest reviews I didn't even always note down which country they were from, so I'm slowly trying to work my way through some of the mysteries but until then...

The Countries So FarCurrent total: 49/80

Countries listed alphabetically with at least one relevant review:

Australia: The Kit Kat Chunky 3 Cookies n Cream and Boost Stix amongst others.

Austria: Lindt Wafer and Zotter Christmas Crackling.

Argentina: Havanna Alfajores.

Barbados: Shirley Coconut Biscuits.

Belgium: Lotus Speculoos Biscuit Spread & Nestle Galak Speculoos.

Brazil: Santa Cruz Peanut Pacoquinha.

Bulgaria: Kit Kat Chunky Caramel.

Canada: Big Turk.

China: Wanttone Breakfast Biscuits.

Czech: Banany V Cokolade.

Denmark: Tom's Guld Barre

Dubai, UAE: Barbican Strawberry Malt Drink.

Ecuador: Samai Plantain Chips.

Finland: Angry Birds Sweets and Angry Birds Space Comet cola.

France: M&M's Intense 65% Cacao.

Germany: Vivani Weiss Mango Cocos and a few Ritter Sport reviews.

Greece: Halva Cocoa Bar.

Holland: Snickers Cruncher.

Hong Kong: Garden Peanut Wafers.

Hungary: Aero Boci Strawberry.

India: Lays Indian Magic Masala Crisps.

Indonesia: Kopiko Cappuccino sweets.

Ireland: Hazel Mountain Chocolate.

Israel: Elite Taami Chocolate Bar.

Italy: Lindt Nocciolatte.

Jamaica: Ovaltine Cookies.

Japan: Banana Pocky and Cheeseburger Cheetos.

Korea - Lotte Pepero Almond & Chocolate & Nonghyup Rice Punch.

Latvia: Selga Banana Biscuits & Manija Chocolate Bar.

Macedonia (FYRO): Aivar - The Pelagonia Range.

Mexico: Futbol M&M's and Chutazos (Eggnog filled footballs!).

New Zealand: Europe Summer Roll.

Northern Ireland: Ormo Soda Farls & Potato Farls and Tayto Irish Beef & Peppercorn Sauce Crisps

Phillipines: Jack & Jill Magic Peanut Butter Creams.

Poland: Lots of Polish reviews to choose from! Cheetos Robalos and the Wawel Studencki Cherry are two.

Portugal: Nestle Pirulo - awesome peelable banana ice lollies.

Romania: Rom Chocolate Bar

Serbia: Rocky Rice Bars Review

Slovakia: Sedita Lina Milk Chocolate & Peanut Wafer.

South Africa - Nestle Tex & Beyers Chocolates.

Spain: Gullón Creme Canela biscuits.

Sri Lanka:  Elephant House - Orange Barley drink.

Sweden: Plopp chocolate bar.

Switzerland: Frey Chocobloc Air.

Taiwan: Grace Aloe Vera Mango Drink.

Trinidad & Tobago: Catch Bar

Turkey: Ülker Cokomel Banana.

Uruguay: Alfajores.

USA: The Oreo Birthday Cake and 3 Musketeers Coconut are just a few of my American reviews.

Join In!:

If you know of a snack from a country not listed above then leave a comment below or email me at Any suggestions appreciated.


  1. Ooo!! Good luck!!

    There's loads of Korean foods in most of the Chinese supermarkets. If you are looking for a specific Korean store, there's one called Centre Point in St. Gile's Street, it's near New Oxford Street.

    For Chinese snacks try the smaller stores in China Town. They usually have more stuff than the supermarkets!

    I think you can also find Filipino, Thai and Vietnamese stuff in Asian supermarkets!

    1. Thank you, lots of brilliant suggestions there! I was shocked that I only had reviews from Japan so I'll be going to a local Asian supermarket soon :)

  2. Fazer (Finland), Baci (Italy), Droste pastile chocolates (Holland),Churros a donut based snack (Spain) - think you can buy these from big shopping centres. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you for all the suggestions! I think I'll need some luck to hit all eighty but I'll give it my best, I'll get there eventually :)

  3. Hey Katherine,

    This is a really fabulous challenge and I'm fully behind you to hunt down some stuff to hit the 80. If you're looking for products from Spain, you may like to check out Garcia's on Portobello Road. They do all sorts of stuff and I think they also do some items from South America. A brilliant store if ever you're out West...

    1. Hi Marcus,
      Thanks for the encouragement and the brilliant suggestion! I'll definitely check it out - especially for the South America goods! There is also a Brazilian grocery store in Stratford that I might try.
      Katherine :)

  4. Great idea Katherine! How about reviewing some snacks from somewhere like Russia...or Iceland? Looking forward to seeing what stuff you find :)

    1. Thanks Kev! Yes, Russia is definitely one of the countries I want to get on this list. Iceland would be fab too! Fingers crossed!

  5. Try Nestle Chocolate Log ... a sweet from South Africa, although it can be purchased online here in the UK.

    I worked in SA a few years ago and this was my favourite.

    Also try Cadbury Top Deck Slab, also from SA.... a mixture of Dairy Milk and Milky Bar

    1. Hi Brian

      Thanks for the recommendations. I've tried the Chocolate Log before but I think I had a damaged bar as it wasn't very good unfortunately. I like the idea of the marshmallow centre though, it's certainly unique.

      I'll look out for the Cadbury Top Deck Slab - sounds interesting!

      All the best, Katherine

  6. You absolutely need to try: Something reeses, malteasers teasers, butterfinger, wunderbar, crispy crunch, all dressed chips, jersey milk, icy squares, toffifee, purdy's (the hedgehogs and melties specifically), coffee crisp, mr.big, smarties, caramilk, toblerone, wine gums, eat-more, swedish berries, whoppers, cheecha puffs, viva puffs, kerr strawberry candies, dunkaroos and nanaimo bars.....I think that's it :)

    1. Hi Kobane7, apologies for the late reply.

      Thank you for taking the time to post so many fab recommendations. There are a few on there that I've tried but not reviewed (like the Butterfinger, Smarties, Toblerone and Maltesers Teaser), but most of the rest are new to me.

      I'll definitely use your list for inspiration - thank you! :)

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