3 Jun 2021

Pepsi Max Lime Review

I've become more of fan of Pepsi Max over the years, especially their Pepsi Max Cherry variety. I also still enjoy the Pepsi Max Ginger (see my Pepsi Max Ginger Review from 2017). I love anything citrus flavoured though, and often add a slice of frozen lemon or lime to my drinks if I'm feeling fancy, so I was especially looking forward to trying the new Pepsi Max Lime.

The initial aroma on opening this Pepsi Max Lime was very promising with a lovely lime scent. However the lime flavour itself was not as strong as I was hoping for. There is a sweet lime flavour that I did enjoy but it's not as boldly citrus as it should be. The citrus flavour should be the main aftertaste but instead it's the sweet Pepsi Max flavour that lingers, as a result the lime flavour itself doesn't dominate. Having said all that, I still found this a really refreshing Pepsi Max flavour and the hint of lime is still enough fo me to buy it again - I might just add a couple of extra lime slices next time though.

I'll have to update when I've tried the Diet Coke Sublime Lime but let me know in the comments if you've tried both and which you prefer!

Grocery Gems Review: Pepsi Max Lime Review

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy it again?: Yes.
Purchased: Tesco.


  1. I couldn't find this in my local Sainsbury so ended up with lime Diet Coke! Is it only at Tesco?

    1. So far it's only in Tesco. Hopefully it will be available in more shops soon!

  2. Lime Pepsi MAX. This was truly amazing—a low-calorie, sugar-free, fizzy beverage overflowing with tongue-tingling citrus flavour.


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