29 Jul 2016

Review: Walkers Max Jerk Chicken Crisps

A quick review of this new(ish) Jerk Chicken flavour from Walkers Max which came out earlier this summer. I was pleased to see a new flavour in the Walkers Max range as I really enjoyed the previous new release, the Walkers Max Cheeseburger flavour that came out in January.

The new Walkers Max Jerk Chicken flavour features the same large ridged crisps as the rest of the Walkers Max range. Each crisp has a lovely crunchy texture and is loaded with flavour. The Jerk Chicken flavouring here is quite sweet, the base flavour reminds me of Walkers Tomato Ketchup flavour crisps. However, this is joined by a punchier main flavour that provides a kick of spice and a little extra heat. I really enjoyed the combination of sweet and spicy flavours at work here and I would definitely buy this flavour again.

Grocery Gems Review: Walkers Max Jerk Chicken Crisps

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per 50g serving)
268 calories.
PurchasedLocal newsagent.
Price: £0.69p for 50g bag.


  1. These are currently 29p in my local Home Bargains (Liverpool City Centre). I foolishly bought 3 bags because I love the Max Paprika flavour and thought these would have been as good.

    Sadly, the flavour is pretty limp and not in the same league as paprika. In fact, a colleague reckoned they tasted like mouldy bread! Thumbs down on these - no wonder Walkers haven't put them on their website yet despite being out for months!

  2. Scale rate 8 out of 10.
    Buy them again?: Yes.
    Nutrition (per 50g serving): 268 calories.
    Purchased: Local newsagent.
    for 50g I would like to have a ties the walkers brand of potato crush on my website www.Informalmusic.net💪✌️


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