31 Dec 2012

NEW Kit Kat Chunky Mint Review

Kit Kat Chunky will soon be welcoming four new flavours. They don't appear to have been officially released yet, and are proving to be quite hard to find, but it is possible to find them lurking in a few local shops. The four new flavours are; Mint, Coconut, Choc Fudge and Hazelnut. I reviewed the Coconut Kit Kat Chunky a few days ago.

The Kit Kat Chunky Mint is described on the wrapper as "crispy wafer finger covered with mint flavour milk chocolate". So just like the Coconut version, the flavouring is all in the chocolate rather than the wafer.

There is no mistaking this for a regular Kit Kat Chunky as it has a very strong minty smell as soon as it is out of the wrapper. I'm the kind of person that likes to nibble a little bit of the thick chocolate before taking a full bite and wow this chocolate really packs a minty flavour. At first it tasted of a very sweet mint but once the chocolate flavour ebbed away there is a lingering fresh mint flavour. This means the mint flavour builds with each bite. It's not an intense flavour as such, it's too sweet for that, I would liken it to the mint flavour in a Mint Aero bar.

The inner wafer doesn't have any mint taste but the mintiness of the chocolate is so strong it carries through the wafer and dominates the other elements. This is quite different to the new Coconut Kit Kat Chunky which has a more subtle hint in the chocolate - leaving the wafer and chocolate with separate flavours.

My brother found this chocolate bar and brought it over while we were having a family get together. It was a good opportunity to cut the chocolate into small chunks and test it on various members of my family and friends! I've said before that I'm not a fan of mint chocolate so I was keen to get the view of a friend who loves the stuff. They rated this bar as 10 out of 10. In fact they asked if there was anymore (sadly I only had one bar!). I'm sure the Mint Kit Kat Chunky is going to be very popular amongst mint chocolate fans and I wouldn't be surprised if it won the "Choose a Chunky Champion" vote.

And... whatever you are doing tonight have a very happy and safe New Year's Eve! I'll be back with more reviews in 2013!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Kit Kat Chunky Mint

RATING: 7 out of 10 (or 10 out of 10!)
Buy them again?:  I will stick with the Coconut Kit Kat Chunky
Nutrition per bar: 246 calories, 2.7g protein, 30.8g carbohydrate, 12.3g fat.
Purchased: Local newsagents.
Price: 59p.

 Kit Kat Review Roundup:

Kit Kat Chunky Coconut
Kit Kat Chunky Mint
Kit Kat Chunky Choc Fudge
Kit Kat Chunky Hazelnut


  1. Oh wow - these sound delicious! Will be sure to keep an eye out for them in local newsagents :)

    1. They really are delicious! Are you a fan of mint chocolate?

      I'm not sure when Kit Kat will be officially releasing these, I'm hoping they will be easier to find soon! :)

  2. I've tried the regular sized Kit Kat mint flavour before and have always liked it, though haven't had one for years. If you too have tried it, would you liken that flavour to the Chunky flavour or is there any difference?

    I'm interested to hopefully try one of the new Kit Kat Chunky flavours, I think they all sound delicious - even the Coconut and I've always hated coconut, though recently I've started to enjoy it... I think hazelnut would be my favourite though!

    In terms of where you may be able to find the bars, I've found new confectionery items are often first found in shops such as WHSmith and the Co-Op. I saw WHSmith had Creme Eggs/Mini Eggs etc the other day, as well as the new Cadbury Egg 'n' Spoon's. So I'm guessing those places are your best places to search for the bars!

    1. HI Lucy,

      Thanks so much for your comment, lots of useful info in there!

      Now you mention it - I have had the regular sized mint Kat Kat, although not recently. This bar is very similar but I would say the mint is more intense - just because the chocolate is much thicker and that's where all the mint flavour is.

      I agree with you about WHSmith and Co-Op. WHSmith in particular always seems to get Cadbury's products first, sometimes even before they have been officially released (like the Toffee Popcorn bar). Thanks for mentioning the new Cadbury Egg 'n' Spoon as I haven't seen those yet! Mmmm is it too early to buy Easter chocs?

      Anyway, let me know if you try any of these new Kit Kat bars, I'd love to know what you think of them :)


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