14 May 2014

New Nairn's Muesli Breaks Oatcakes

Nairn's are known for oaty snacks and as a fan of their range I was pleased to try out their newest product - Muesli Breaks. These oatcakes are made with wholegrain oats, currants and seeds, promising a filling snack that is also full of wholesome ingredients. 

Each box has 8 individually sealed packets, with 2 oatcakes in each portion. There are 112 calories per pack, and I also like the fact that these have 41% less sugar than the average cereal bar, making them a healthier prospect for a quick snack. However, that's all well and good, but they also have to pass the taste test!

As a fan of Nairn's oatcakes I was eager to give the Muesli Breaks a try - and they didn't disappoint. The wholegrain oats here are joined by demerara sugar which gives them a lovely full bodied and slightly caramel flavour. This makes them sweeter than traditional oatcakes but without making them too sugary. The currants also add an extra bit of sweetness and fruitiness. The seeds are mainly quite small pieces but still added a bit of crunch and extra flavour. It all adds up to a very tasty snack, especially satisfying with a mid-morning cup of tea! 

I've often mentioned that the rest of the Grocery Gems household (hubby and kids) all dislike raisins so I wasn't expecting them to want to try these. However, my youngest son is a big fan of oatcakes (he loves them with peanut butter), so he was adamant that he wanted to try the Muesli Breaks, currants and all! Turns out he really enjoyed their oaty biscuit like flavour and has asked for them in his packed lunch every day so far. Success! 

The ingredients list is wonderfully simple (I love it when I can recognise the ingredients!), they're simply made of; Wholegrain Oats (66%), Currants (11%), Demerara Sugar, Sustainable Palm Fruit Oil, Sunflower Seeds (6%), Pumpkin Seeds (1.9%), Raising Agent, Sea Salt. They are suitable for vegans, wheat free (but not gluten free) and free from artificial colours, flavours, preservative, GM ingredients,  and hydrogenated fats. 

PR Samples - product sent for an honest review.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Nairn's Muesli Breaks

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes (already restocked with a few packs from Sainsbury's!).
Nutrition (per pack)
 112 calories.
Vegetarian: Suitable for vegetarians and vegans..
PurchasedAvailable at Sainsbury's, Waitrose and independent health shops.
Price: £1.69p (for 8 portions).


  1. These sound scrummy and if they are as tasty as the ginger oatie biscuits they'll be a winner esp as only two in the pack.

    Seriously hacked off with you tho' as I decided to try the whole earth whipped hazelnut spread on your recommendation and I am utterly addicted and a significant proportion of it has been devoured by teaspoon (only cos the soup spoon wont fit in!). I've loved nutella since it used to come in teeny tubs with a little spatula but having tasted the whipped whole earth one I realise the nutella is a bit oily by comparison which was probably the only thing stopping me scoffing it but the jar. Sadly the whole earth one has no such restrictions......so I'm sending you the bill for my health farm stay.....once I've finished the latest jar obviously.....LOL!

    1. Haha! Don't do that to me RS! When I read the words "seriously hacked off with you" I thought I'd made a terrible mistake in a review - like say something was vegan when it's not. I panicked lol!

      But I'm happy to take full blame for the Whole Earth Whipped Hazelnut Spread, it's sooo good! It has such a lovely texture for a spread. Nutella can be a bit heavy sometimes in comparison. I'm glad you enjoy it and apologies if I tempted you into it! :D

    2. So sorry Grocery Gems, I didn't mean to give you a scare. Nutella is totally bombed out on account of the whole earth's perfected spread. Glad I found your blog as I once tried an organic peanut butter years ago and it was dire so I wouldn't even have thought to touch Whole Earth's brand had you not reviewed it. As my hips will be continuing their journey horizontally I wonder if I can adjust my reading settings to prevent me reading anything calorific???

    3. Oh RedSetter I feel that pain, why is all the tastiest food so calorific?!

      For me, when it comes to spreads, my nemesis is the Lotus Caramelised Biscuit Spread. I've bought SO MANY jars since discovering it. IT'S EVIL!

    4. Flaming Nora, STOP telling me these things....:-) I'm supposed to be going down in weight not finding new ways of expanding! I'll definitely be needing that spa stay.......or should it be boot camp????

  2. These look lovely! Can't wait to try them, great review :)


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