25 May 2014

M&S Coconut & Pineapple Cake

This Coconut & Pineapple is from the new M&S Summer of Flavour range. I featured it in my New Instore Round Up earlier in the week so I was pleased when Mr. Grocery Gems picked it up on his way home from work yesterday. 

It's a fairly small cake, ideal for an afternoon tea, but looks impressive enough with lots of coconut flavoured frosting on top and large coconut slivers to decorate.

Apologies for the terrible photo, I honestly wasn't in the mood to set up a decent photo and wait for the cake, I was too impatient and just wanted to tuck in! Within the cake there is a fruity layer of pineapple jam, which I couldn't quite capture in the photo but it's much more visible in real life. The sponge cake itself is super moist and buttery, with the jam layer adding a deliciously sweet and fruity flavour. I didn't detect much coconut flavour within the cake itself, most of the coconut flavour came instead from the thick buttercream on top. It's absolutely gorgeous, but the dominant flavour overall was from the pineapple jam rather than the coconut. The whole family found this cake to be immensely enjoyable and there wasn't one single crumb left after we had all tucked in!

Grocery Gems Verdict: M&S Coconut & Pineapple Cake

Rating: 9 out of 10
Nutrition: 292 calories (per 1/6 of cake).
Vegetarian: Suitable for vegetarians.
Purchased: Marks & Spencer.


  1. This looks utterly incredible! Even just in appearance it looks so delicious. I love coconut so will definitely be buying one of these based on the recommendation

  2. I've now managed to try a few of the new M&S items and an rather disappointed as they don't seem to taste as good as they look like they might. I can imagine the cake was tasty but surprised it didn't taste of coconut as its not really a hard flavour to come through.

    I tried the smokey bacon popcorn and it was a rank disappointment. It smelt very enticing while it cooked but as for the actual popcorn a pig flying in the air would have had more bacon flavour!


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