13 May 2014

Ritter Sport Karamell + Keks (Caramel Biscuit)

I've been wanting to try the Ritter Sport Karamell + Keks ever since it was released earlier this year so I was thrilled to receive a (massive!) bar from the lovely people at Monster Sweets. Check our their full range of Ritter Sport bars here. The Ritter Sport Karamell + Keks is filled with a caramel cream embedded with caramel biscuit pieces. It's a fairly simple flavour combination but even so, it's not one I have come across before.

This is a 250g bar which doesn't sound too big but is more than double the standard size Ritter Sport (shown above next to a 100g Ritter Sport Knusperkeks). I've seen these large Ritter Sport in Lidl but only in standard flavours. 

How many pieces? This is seriously big and it will take a long while to get through it. Good job that it's so tasty!

I usually enjoy chocolate and biscuit combinations and this one is no different. The caramel filling has a creamy toffee like flavour with a very sweet edge. The biscuit pieces within didn't really add too much flavourwise, as they have a similar caramel flavour to the filling, but they do make their presence known in the crispy texture they provide. They almost seemed to be bits of wafer within the creamy layer, rather than hard biscuits, probably because the pieces are quite small. The whole thing is wrapped in the recognisably sweet and creamy Ritter Sport milk chocolate, which provides the perfect background to the rest of the flavours. If you're a fan of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Nutty Caramel then I would highly recommend the Ritter Sport Karamell + Keks - it's like a biscuit version of that bar! 

Take a look at Monsters Sweets online to view their full range of US and European chocolates and sweets

Product sent for an honest review. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Ritter Sport Karamell + Keks

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy it again?: Yes.
Purchased: Available at Monster Sweets
Price: £3.30p.


  1. Seems similar to the caramelised nuts Ritter Sport (I quite liked that one)
    Have you had the white chocolate crisp one? I'm wondering whether to try it or not

    1. Yes, the Caramel Nuts Ritter Sport is the one I was thinking of! Although I haven't tried that one so can't compare, but it does look very similar.

      I haven't tried the white chocolate crisp one. The Milk Chocolate version is very good though!

  2. I luuvvvv the biscuit Ritter Sport, its to die for. The Karamel and Kets is also a big fav for me omg I could eat them all day!

  3. Where can I buy Karamell + keks now?


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