17 Dec 2015

New York Snack & Shopping Haul!

The globetrotting adventures of Mr. Grocery Gems continued recently with a visit to New York City last month. It's all in the name of work, but luckily he managed to get some shopping done too (and of course I'd given him a ridiculously long list!). It goes without saying that he brought home a generous amount of candy bars such as Payday, 100 Grand and 5th Avenue to name just a few (see photo above!). These were all bought in places such as Duane Reade and Walgreen's as they seemed to be the easiest places to find chocolate and groceries in Manhattan.

Luckily he also made it in time to find lots of Christmas themed chocolates and candies. He bought two large bags of festive M&M's which are coloured red, green and white, two types of Christmas Peeps, and a large pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Trees.

Unfortunately he couldn't find any of the limited edition flavoured Oreos (he really wanted to get the new Cinnamon Buns flavour!) but he did get this awesome Winter Oreo pack. They have a red coloured creme and cute winter characters on each biscuit.

In the early days of this blog I used to review American cereals quite regularly. However we rarely buy them these days so it was fun to get some old favourites as a one-off treat. I especially liked the fun pack of mini Kellogg's cereals!

From the New York M&M's World he found this simply awesome apple shaped container filled with I♥NY printed M&M's. This was easily the most popular gift with the kids, they were absolutely enthralled with it!

Away from the world of chocolate, Mr. Grocery Gems also surprised me with an amazing haul from Bath & Body Works. Sadly we don't have this store in the UK but all it's products are just gorgeous - these foaming hand washes are phenomenal!

Just look at how cute their PocketBac hand sanitisers are! And they all smell fab too. My favourite is the Jolly Gingerbread Oh Snap.

The Bath & Body Works range of home fragrances is really worth a try too. These large three-wick candles have the most beautiful packaging (the silver lids have an embossed snowflake design) and have lovely festive fragrances; the two pictured are Vanilla Bean Noel and Marshmallow Fireside.

Last, but not least, was a much anticipated visit to the Nintendo World store in New York. Mr. Grocery Gems bought quite a lot here, most of which is top-secret until Christmas! One thing that was top of our shopping list were these cute 8-bit Mario plush cushions.

Even though our Christmas tree has a simple red, white and silver theme, it's now rocking these bright yellow Mario ornaments too. Thanks Mr. GG!


  1. Wow! It looks like he brought you loads of goodies back! I'm jealous hehe. The Nintendo World store is amazing!!!

    1. Haha yep we were totally spoilt by Mr GG :) Shopping in New York around Christmas time is just amazing!

  2. when i used to go to the states a lot i always came back with bath and body works stuff. its tough not having it any more, ha ha. my favourites is the halloween themed stuff - i've been buying some off ebay, not bad prices - not as good as the US obviously (altho one seller was selling for basically cost price, fair play to them). the one next to me right now is 'Autumn Owl' - I wanted to get some xmas stuff but ive run out of room! I notice their hand soaps arent anti bactieral any more, not sure why, so i'm less likely to buy them now (which is good for my wallet! - i ordered some halloween hand soap from the states, that was a bit obsessve)) my friend went to La earlier in the year and got my some hand gels though ;-) i prefer the non foaming hand soaps, i seem to use more of the foam ones so they go quicker.

    1. The Halloween range at B&W looks amazing. I love how they have so many different variations on the pumpkin theme!

      Thanks for the heads up about Ebay, I'll give them a try once I've run out :)


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