25 Mar 2016

Spotted Instore: Easter at Marks & Spencer

I've been meaning to post these photos for ages but I hope they're still useful for anyone who's left their Easter shopping until the last minute. I was in my local M&S yesterday and they still had most of these products available (actually all apart from the Disney ones). I realise some people are eating Easter chocolates already but I'm a bit of a traditionalist so for me it isn't time for chocolate eggs until Easter Sunday!

Percy, Penny & Piglets - £10.00p (above): This one is so cute, from the pigs holding hands to the bright packaging! There are two medium shaped chocolate characters and a bag of Piglets sweets too. 

The Orange Carrot - £6.00p: A large carrot shaped white chocolate, orange flavoured egg. This is such a simple idea but it's still a very striking looking egg.

M&S Hen House - £10.00p: This one is really cute too - although it's a bit pricey for the size. It's a white and milk chocolate hen house with hollow milk chocolate chicks. 

M&S Eggsplosion - £6.00p: This is a fun and colourful new Easter egg from M&S. It features two of their new Crazy One chocolate bars with a matching medium egg containing popping candy and popcorn.

Star Wars R2D2 - £7.00p: The Disney tie-in Easter eggs are just perfection this year. This R2D2 is a medium sized milk chocolate figure and is fully detailed and decorated with white chocolate highlights. 

Disney Frozen Arundelle Castle - £8.00p: This white chocolate castle is so pretty. I love all the little details and the blue colouring for the turrets and door. Perfect for any fans of the Disney Frozen movie.

Spiketail The Dinosaur - £6.00p: Again, this is such a gorgeously detailed chocolate figure, even though this dinosaur is menacing rather than cute! I love the fact that it comes with speckled 'dinosaur eggs' too. 

Colin the Caterpillar, Colin's Apple - £8.00p: How cute is this? My kids are far too old for this one but it would be my number one choice for any younger kids. The large milk chocolate apple is decorated with a green leaf on top and holes for the caterpillar jelly sweets. 

Chirpy Charlie Chick - £12.00p: A large white chocolate egg. This one looks quite simple and plain so I'm not sure why it's so expensive. 

Beehive Honeycomb Egg - £8.00p: I love the fact that so many of the M&S Easter eggs are not actually egg shaped. This one features a whole beehive shaped chocolate with chocolate bees and  8 smaller eggs filled with Scottish honey. 

M&S Coffee Lovers Egg - £8.00p: Of course M&S also has a range of elegant, grown up Easter eggs too. I'll be honest I find the brighter, fun ones much more interesting! This Coffee Lovers Egg is certainly majestic looking.

M&S Single Origin Cocoa Pod - £12.00p: A distinctive chocolate that is shaped as a giant cocoa pod. It's a hand painted dark chocolate made with cocoa from the Dominican Republic. 

M&S Sculptured Column Egg: Not sure on the price for this one. It's more of a traditional looking Easter egg but with a sculptural twist. I like the gold decoration and the fact that the chocolate looks super thick!

M&S A Constellation of Assorted Eggs: M&S has an awesome range of space themed Easter eggs. This constellation set is my favourite Easter product I've seen so far and the whole reason I'm even doing this post (I couldn't find any photos of it online!). It's an assortment of hollow and filled eggs featuring milk, white and dark chocolates. I'll hopefully have a review soon. 

M&S Saturn Egg with Marc de Champagne Chocolates - £18.00p: This egg is simply stunning! I actually would have been tempted to buy this one, despite the pricetag, if it was a different flavour. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate or Marc de Champagne so I was able to resist!

M&S The Giant Cosmic Egg - £40.00p: Funnily enough, the most expensive egg in the space-themed range, is also the least impressive to me. Yes, it's very large but each one in my local store looked quite ropey with half the smaller eggs falling out of their holes in the large egg. I much prefer the look of the previous two sets above. 

If you've tried any of these M&S Easter eggs then I'd love to know whether you enjoyed them in the comments below - thank you!

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