21 Dec 2016

Review: Limited Edition Monin Mocha Syrup

I'm a big fan of Monin syrups and have quite the collection of different flavours at the moment. Currently in my cupboards I have the popular Gingerbread and Vanilla syrups alongside more unusual flavours, such as; Speculoos, Apple Pie and even a Peach Iced Tea syrup. However, the latest limited edition flavour for Monin syrups is a staple for any coffee lover, the classic Mocha. 

At this time of year I often treat myself to a flavoured coffee made at home. We're lucky enough to have a Nespresso machine with a separate gizmo that makes frothy milk. My husband whipped up this layered latte using the Mocha syrup which looked gorgeous. After stirring it all together I could really taste the smooth cocoa flavour. Surprisingly this flavour is not as sweet as other Monin syrups, perhaps because it also enhances the coffee flavour too. 

The previous Monin limited edition flavour, the Chocolate Cookie, is much sweeter in comparison. It gives the coffee a sugary chocolate hit. The Mocha syrup is subtler and provides more balance between the coffee and chocolate flavours.Of course, Monin syrups are not just for coffee, they can also be used in milkshakes. In fact one recipe suggestion given on the back of the bottle is for adding the Mocha syrup to a glass of milk rather than coffee. I'll be giving that a try next!

Grocery Gems Review: Monin Mocha Syrup

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy it again?: Yes.
Purchased: Available at Sainsbury's.
Price: £3.00p (currently on offer for £2.00p).

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  1. I asked for some coffee syrups for xmas, I ended up with loads! one is a big bottle of a sugar free one (not monin) that my mum got from tkmaxx and its a bit weird. not really tried the others yet. my dad's nespresso machine does to the froth but not sure he would do that with syrup, I did buy him their xmas flavours for chrsitmas though (secretly wanting to try them myself)

    I wish flavoured liquid coffee creamers would make it to this side of the pond (altho prob better for my weight thatthey don't)


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