16 Feb 2017

Review: Kellogg's Disney Moana Cereal

A quick review of Kellogg's Disney Moana cereal. It's great to see Kellogg's making a cereal for the latest Disney movie Moana - it makes a change from all the Frozen/Star Wars themed products.

This cereal is described as a 'honey flavoured multigrain cereal'. It certainly looks appealing and my kids loved the whirly design. Initially they were quite excited as they thought the cereal looked like little cinnamon whirls and assumed it would be cinnamon flavoured. Unfortunately the flavour here is quite plain. It's quite similar to the flavour in Kellogg's Multigrain shapes but less sweet. The texture is very light and puffy with a light crunch. It's a nice enough cereal, and my kids did enjoy it, but I think the flavour could have been a little more adventurous.

Just like the Kellogg's Star Wars cereal, the Kellogg's Moana box has a great design with a fun double sided box.

Have you tried this cereal yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Grocery Gems Review: Kellogg's Disney Moana Cereal

RATING: 7 out of 10,
 113 calories (per 30g serving).
Vegetarian: Yes.
Purchased: Co-Op.
Price: £2.00p (370g box).

PR Sample sent for an honest review but I also bought another box from Co-Op. 


  1. I bought a box of the Avengers cereal as it was 50p on my local market (past date), that was pretty nice, also some chocolate ccrunchy nut granola for 50p past dated. that market is dangerous.

    these sound a bit like honey nut loops (lets loop together - I can't forget that advert which forces me to say that after saying honey nut loops :p)

  2. The swirls look quite nice but I think they could do a little more to make the products really stand out when they're releasing a Movie tie-in. I got some Finding Dory cereal that was actually nothing more than a repack of their normal Multi Grain stuff! Like your kids, I'd have hoped for cinnamon flavours based on the whirly design. :)


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