14 Jun 2017

Review: Limited Edition Nespresso On Ice

As soon as I heard about the new Nespresso On Ice coffee capsules I knew I had to try them. Luckily my husband has a Nespresso store near his work and was able to get one of the gorgeous assortment boxes. 

There are two varieties in this latest Limited Edition; the Intenso On Ice and the Leggero On Ice. I adore the Mediterranean themed packaging and especially the colours used in the designs, it's simply stunning.

Nespresso Intenso On Ice:  The Intenso On Ice is described as a bold coffee specifically designed to provide an intense yet refreshing iced beverage at home. The flavour here is excellent, creating a full bodied coffee with a deeply roasted flavour. There's no bitter aftertaste at all as these blends have been developed to curb the acidity when used with ice.

Nespresso Leggero On Ice: The Leggero On Ice has a milder flavour and is described as a mild coffee with a fruity and balanced aroma. This is probably my favourite Nespresso coffee of recent years. I'm hoping that this will not stay a limited edition as it's too good not to buy regularly! The flavour is just delicious (I had mine over ice and with frothed, cold soya milk), with a natural sweetness and smoothness. I didn't need to add any vanilla syrup to curb the bitterness, which I usually do when using a regular Nespresso capsule to make an iced coffee. The Leggero On Ice is just perfection all on it's own. 

Overall I highly recommend giving both of these new Nespresso On Ice coffees a try. I'm planning on stocking up on these very special Limited Editions - especially the Leggero On Ice. 

Grocery Gems Review: Nespresso On Ice

RATING: Leggero On Ice - 10 out of 10, Intenso On Ice - 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Nespresso store.
Price: £3.90 per sleeve.

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