13 Jul 2017

Review: Green Cola (Ocado)

A quick review of the new Green Cola which is available at Ocado and Amazon. It's a product that many have been waiting for - a zero calorie cola sweetened with the natural Stevia plant rather than Aspartame. 

Green Cola is not just free from aspartame but also from phosphoric acid, sodium cyclamate and preservatives. It does list Sucralose as a sweetener in the ingredients alongside the Stevia, however, unlike the soon to be departing Coke Life (see my Coke Life Review), it's also free from regular sugar.  The name 'Green Cola' comes from the green coffee beans that are used to add a natural pop of caffeine.
The flavour is satisfying and refreshing with a strong aftertaste. It's a different flavour compared to other 'diet' colas, not in bad way, but it definitely has it's own unique flavour. I found it to have quite a strong fizzy element too so I preferred to drink it over ice which tones down the fizz and the aftertaste quite a bit. I have to add that my husband really enjoyed this drink and actually polished off most of the cans himself!

I bought a six can multipack online via Ocado. It's worth a try if you're interested in a Stevia sweetened cola but I would highly recommend having it with ice rather then on it's own. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Green Cola

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy it again?: Yes.
Nutrition: 0 calories
Purchased: Ocado. 
Price: £2.87p multipack (on special offer - usual price £3.59p).

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  1. It sounds great but not at that price. Between my partner and I we can get through 24 cans a week - at £7 for Coke Zero. Happy to consume aspartame, thanks, no evidence of it being particularly awful anyway!


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