10 Apr 2018

News: Ruby Kit Kat Pink Chocolate to be released in UK!

Image: Kit Kat

A quick post with some exciting news that I just had to share - Nestlé UK is going to release their gorgeous looking Ruby Cocoa Beans Kit Kat bar in the UK next week! 

'Pink Chocolate' was first developed by chocolatier Barry Callebaut amidst claims that it was the first natural variety of chocolate since white chocolate was created. Apparently a unique way of processing the cocoa beans creates the distinct colour and an intense berry-like flavour.

This ruby chocolate Kit Kat collaboration was first unveiled in Japan and Korea but thankfully the UK will be the first country outside of that market to try the ruby treat. It's available from next week - Monday 16 April at Tesco. Who's excited? I know I am!

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