12 Jun 2012

Activia Limited Edition Yogurts: Banoffee, and Berry and Apple Crumble

I like the Activia range of yogurts, mainly for their impressive array of flavours. These new Limited Edition varieties caught my eye in the supermarket. They are obviously dessert inspired but are fat free and much lower in calories. I bought two varieties; Berry and Apple Crumble, and Banoffee, for 50p each in Tesco.

Banoffee is one of my favourite desserts so I was interested to see how this would taste in a fat free yogurt! The yogurt had a creamy thick texture with generous amounts of banana pieces which I loved. The yogurt also had a caramel flavour but with a strong banana taste too. For 116 calories it felt like a delicious dessert and I would definitely buy it again.

I also love Apple Crumble but I'm not so keen on blackberries. Unfortunately the Berry and Apple Crumble had too many blackberry seeds and flavour for me to really enjoy it. I could hardly taste any apple flavour. The yogurt did have a nice crumble flavour to it which was almost biscuity. It also has less calories at 107 in a 155g pot. These pots are a generous size and are very filling. What do you think of the Activia range?

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