10 Mar 2014

Kit Kat Dark Chocolate (OyatsuBox)

Last week I had the pleasure of reviewing OyatsuBox, a monthly subscription service for the latest Japanese snacks from the lovely people at Oyatsu Cafe. I promised a few more detailed reviews and I had to start with the wonderful Dark Chocolate Kit Kat. 

As befits this "grown up" Kit Kat range, these are beautifully packaged in a small box that folds back to reveal three mini individually wrapped bars. I love the thought that has gone into all the packaging here, it's so different to confectionery packaging in the UK. The black and gold colour of the wrapping also adds a touch of sophistication that I don't normally associate with Kit Kat here. Japanese Kit Kats are like works of art in comparison.

The chocolate is glossy and dark, as you would expect, but surprisingly it has a slight texture to it too. It's almost gritty, which sounds like it should be terrible, but it's actually wonderful, like there is added ground up cocoa nibs within the chocolate. 

The dark chocolate flavour is divine, it's has a rich cocoa depth without any bitterness at all, just full on rich chocolatey goodness. The wafer layers within provide an added crunch and sweetness that compliment the dark chocolate perfectly. I thought the flavour here was exceptional and my only criticism would be that these were just too small, although I suspect that part of the appeal is that these are meant to be savoured rather than devoured! 

Even the reverse of the packaging is wonderfully designed, I always love the little detail on the back of including space to write a name. It's packaged up just like a little gift and that adds to the gorgeous quality of these Kit Kats. 

Check out my review of the OyatsuBox HERE and take a look at their website for more details www.oyatsubox.com.

Dark Chocolate Kit Kat are also available direct from Oyatsu Cafe. See HERE for details of the 15% discount code for all Grocery Gems readers. I don't receive any compensation if you order from Oyatsu Cafe or use the above code.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Dark Chocolate Kit Kat

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Sent from OyatsuBox.
Price $6.49 (approx. £4.33)

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