9 Jul 2015

Review: Candy German Subscription Box

Last year I reviewed a subscription box from newcomers Candy German, which as you might guess from their name, sends out a parcel of German goodies each month direct to your door. The lovely people at Candy German recently sent me their latest box (the June box) which was filled with a selection of summer friendly products (no melty chocolate!).

Candy German promise to send out boxes filled with up to 1kg of surprise treats, including chocolates, cookies and sweets. All the products are taste tested by the founders of Candy German, Mark and Natascha, to ensure they are high quality and always made in Germany.  Subscribers can join for 1 month, 6 months or 12 months, and prices start at €24.00 (around £19.00).

Here's a look at what all the gorgeous products I received in the Candy German Box:

Cola-Lemon Flavour Lollies: Coke and lemon is a classic combination and certainly a fitting one for summer. There are 14 lollipops in this large pack which are all caffeine free.

I'm not usually the biggest fans of lollipops but I really did enjoy the sweet cola flavour here. The lollies have a gorgeous glossy appearance and silky texture too which makes them even more delicious.

Katjes Tappsy: I've featured a few Katjes reviews on my blog in the past. They're a popular German candy brand that is well known for it's vegetarian sweets. The Katjes Tappsy is described as mixed fruit gummy and licorice flavoured panda bears.

Is it just me or do these panda bears have a strange expression on their faces? They look worried. Anyway, the bag is an interesting mix of fruit gum faces with licorice ears or licorice faces with fruit gum ears. I especially liked the former as the fruity gum sweets helps to tone down the licorice flavour and creates a very tasty sweet. 

Ahoj-Bonbons: The Ahoj brand is celebrating it's 90th anniversary this year which must surely make it a classic candy. Ahoj Bonbons are sherbet filled hard candy drops with a sweet and sour flavour. This is a large 180g bag with lots of individually wrapped sweets.

There are four flavours in this pack; Raspberry, Orange, Lemon and Sweet Woodruff. I have to admit that I had never heard of "Waldmeister" or sweet woodruff as a candy flavour, but it's apparently quite popular in Germany (this blog post has more details). The sweet woodruff flavoured Ahoj-Bonbons (the green ones) have a sweet flavour that is not really herby or flowery at all. It's slightly citrusy and really does make a great candy flavour. The rest of the flavours are all sweet and fruity but with a nicely sour sherbet centre. 

Mr. Tom Peanuts & Leibniz Pick Up Black n White: Mr. Tom Peanuts is a classic and simple combination of peanuts and caramel that is very tasty and crunchy. The Liebniz Pick Up Black 'n' White is a delicious dark coloured biscuit (think Oreo) with a thick layer of white chocolate within. I believe these are already available in the UK, although this is the first time I've tried them.

Schoko Waffelröllchen: These are rolled wafer biscuits that are half-covered in dark chocolate (some Candy German subscribers received a milk chocolate variety instead).

The rolled wafers are absolutely delicious with a subtle hint of cinnamon flavour in the wafer. The dark chocolate adds a lovely extra sweetness and chocolate hit. Overall, they're fairly simple biscuits but still very tasty. 

Fritt Schoko Toffee. I've reviewed Fritt candy strips previously and really enjoyed their soft and chewy texture. I thought they were only available in fruity flavours so it was delighted to see this chocolate and toffee version in the Candy German box.

These are so good! The chocolate and toffee flavour reminds me of a Cadbury Toffee Eclair sweet but without the horrible jaw-aching texture that those have. The Fritt Schoko Toffee has an easy chewy texture that reveals a deliciously chocolaty flavour.

Overall I really enjoyed the selection in the Candy German box. It's understandable that there are no chocolate bars in this hotter month but they still managed to put together a fun selection of German goodies. 

Take a look at the Candy German website for more details about their subscription options.


  1. i like the pandas!

    ive had the black and white pick ups - v nice - think i got them in tesco

  2. Those rolled wafers cookies are my favorite kind of cookies ever. They're so fun to eat and taste great!


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