27 Jul 2015

Review: Cornetto Caramel - Limited Edition Retro Pack

In the summer months I usually keep a box or two of Cornetto ice creams (or the supermarket own brand equivalents) in my freezer and I always look out for any new flavours. The Cornetto Caramel Limited Edition Retro Pack caught my eye on a recent trip to Asda. From the "retro" inspired packaging I assume it's not a new variety but it's still not one that I've tried before. I know there is a Cornetto Enigma Caramel and also a Caramel flavour in the Mini Cornetto packs, but they are both quite different to this one. 

The Cornetto Caramel is a combination of vanilla and caramel ice creams, with a caramel core centre, topped with a chocolate coating and decorated with caramel flavour white chocolate curls. The flavours are all fairly simple but I immediately liked the caramel curls on top alongside the vanilla ice cream and solid chocolate coating.

However, it was only when the inner caramel core and caramel ice cream were revealed that the Cornetto Caramel became more interesting. I really enjoyed the thick and gooey caramel centre with it's sweet and buttery flavour. It doesn't run all the way through but there's enough of the caramel sauce to make an impact. When it comes to the ice cream, I was pleased to find that the caramel ice cream actually has a distinctive caramel flavour that contrasts nicely with the vanilla ice cream. Overall, it's still a simple flavour combination but one that provides a satisfying caramel hit. 

Grocery Gems Review: Cornetto Caramel

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
215 calories.
Purchased: Asda.
Price: £1.89p (box of 6).


  1. this is not related to ice cream but...

    was it you who posted a 'spotted' about flavour shots for coffee - like the Robinsons ones for water, but for coffee - im surei read about them but I cant remember where, or where they were stocked!

    1. Hi Danielle,

      I think it must be the Tresseire Gourmet Coffee Drops in this post:


      They're stocked in Asda apparently. Let me know if you find/try them!

  2. Your photographs are making me drool... I think I'll start my diet tomorrow. Just popping to Asda! :)

  3. Your photographs are making me drool... I think I'll start my diet tomorrow. Just popping to Asda! :)


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