21 Sept 2015

New Instore: Asda Cakes, Müller Light Coffee Shop Yogurts & More

Here's a few new products which I've spotted instores recently, including some more awesome cakes at Asda.

Asda Claudia The Cat Cake (above): Judging by her menacing appearance, Claudia would appear to be a rather Grumpy Cat. £10.00p at Asda. 

Asda Paloma The Pug Cake: For dog fans there is a much cuter looking celebration cake in the form of this adorable pug, complete with a pink bow and collar. £10.00p at Asda.

Asda Nigel the Night Owl Cake: This one is my favourite though, it's a really well decorated cake for such a reasonable price. £10.00p at Asda. 

Asda Chocolate Pinata Surprise Cake: I was pleased to see a chocolate version of the fab Rainbow Pinata Surprise Cake. I think this new chocolate version would be a popular choice for the chocoholics in my family! £12.00p at Asda.

Asda Checkerboard Cake: The black and white squares inside this checkerboard cake look really impressive (going by the photo on the box at least!). Let me know if you've tried it. £12.00p at Asda.

Asda Rainbow Jazzie Cake: A new version of the popular Asda Rainbow Cake. This new one has fewer rainbow layers inside but has more decorations in the form of rainbow sprinkles. £12.00p at Asda. 

Swizzels Rainbow Drops 2 Tier Cake: A Madeira sponge cake with raspberry jam, covered in Rainbow Drops to create a retro inspired treat. £12.00p at Asda.

Photo: Müller UK
Müller Light Coffee Shop Multipack: The Müller Light Skinny Cappuccino yogurt pots from earlier this year were so popular that Müller has decided to bring the flavour back already (although just as a limited edition again). Joining the Müller Light Cappuccino is a new Müller Light Skinny Latte flavour. I'm sure these will be just as popular - let me know if you spot this pack instore! 
New York Bakery Co Soft Pretzel Knots: These look really good! They're available in three flavours; Original, Sweet Cinnamon or Cheddar & Red Onion. I'll be looking out for these Soft Pretzel Knots this month. 

Cinnamon Flowerpot Danish: Oh my this looks amazing! I love anything cinnamon flavoured so this is a must try for me. I'll hopefully have a review soon. A big thank you to Richard W. via Twitter for this great find and photo! £1.00p at Waitrose.

If you've spotted any new products instore then I'd love to hear from you - email grocerygems@gmail.com or tweet me @grocerygems. Thank you!

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