7 Sept 2015

New Instore: Tesco Millionaire's Shortbread Spread, Ribena Winter Spice & More

A quick round up of some products which I spotted instores.

Tesco Millionaire's Shortbread Spread: This spread won a vote by members of the Tesco Orchard community. They had a choice of four to choose for: Jaffa Orange, Millionaire's Shortbread, Chocolate Digestive, and Jammy Ring Swirl. £1.99p at Tesco. 

Koko Dairy Free Spread: This is new to my local Waitrose but I think it was released earlier this year. I often buy Pure Dairy Free spread so I'm wondering how this coconut based oil spread compares. If you've tried it then I'd love to know what you thought! £1.49p at Waitrose.

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Biscuits: These mini biscuits are a combination of rice, barley and wheat. £1.00p at Sainsbury's.

Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Gel: I have a preference for super sweet smelling shower gels so I'm hoping this one will live up to the cute packaging. Spotted in Tesco for £1.80p (BUT it's only £0.84p at Asda and £1.00p at Boots).

More Imperial Leather: There's also lots more in the new Imperial Leather range such as Sherbet Lemon, Spearmint and also Fruit Salad scented shower gels. £1.80p at Tesco (but again there are much cheaper prices available elsewhere).

Thorntons Little Temptations: A new range of bagged chocolate clusters from Thorntons. There are a couple of varieties available; Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate which both have crispy flakes and fudge pieces. £1.00p at Co-Op.

Image: Ribena.co.uk

Ribena Winter Spice: This is one I'm really looking forward to. Apparently it's being released on 8th September (tomorrow) so if you spot it instore then please let me know! It's described as Ribena with a hint of aromatic spices which is essentially a non-alcoholic version of mulled wine.

Image: Ben&Jerry's.com
Ben & Jerry's Save Our Swirled: One to look out for in October - apparently this Save Our Swirled is being released in the UK. It's a delicious sounding combination of raspberry ice cream with marshmallow and raspberry-blackberry swirls and chocolate cone pieces. Check out the review on The Impulsive Buy

If you've spotted any new products instore then I'd love to hear from you - email grocerygems@gmail.com or tweet me @grocerygems.


  1. I saw the winter spice Ribena in asda at the weekend.

    1. On a similar note, this...

    2. Thanks Simon, that looks really good too!

  2. Sadly, the marshmallow shower gel is disappointing. I've had it for a few months, it was in a 3 for something or other deal which made it really cheap (I was searching for marshmallow things) - it's just not strong enough for me.

    Those other flavours sound nice, I'll have to try them, think I have one bottle of marshmallow left.

    Prefer radox mandarin & lemongrass, love mandarin things

  3. The cocopops version of those kellogs biscuits are quite nice. Will be keeping my eye out for the ribena!

  4. Got the fruit salad, mint and lemon shower gels in home bargains yesterday!

  5. Home bargains has lemon sherbert, mint and fruit salad!

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