26 Feb 2016

New Instore: Butterkist Hot Cross Bun Popcorn

A big thank you to Richard W. who sent me this photo via Twitter.

Butterkist Limited Edition Hot Cross Bun Popcorn: Butterkist released a Gingerbread Popcorn at Christmas (which I have to admit I never got around to trying) and have followed it up with this cheerful Easter edition. It's a limited edition so give it a try while you can! Purchased at the Cadbury outlet in Braintree, Essex but should be in supermarkets soon!

If you spot this one instores then let us know where it's available in the comments below. Also, if you've tried it then I'd love to know whether you whether you enjoyed it. Thank you :) 


  1. Nice! I hope it's suitable for vegans. I was really disappointed the Gingerbread version wasn't.

  2. Bought some of this in Home Bargains last night, they had the ginger bread one too, and the salted caramel.

  3. Tried them last night. the first few were really cinnamon heavy and I thought urggh. but they gradually grew on me and then quite Moorish - a pretty good attempt at HCB flavour.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Danielle. It sounds like it's worth a try. I still haven't managed to find it yet.

  4. I just found them in Aldi for £1. Definitely hot cross bun flavour.


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