1 Feb 2016

New Instore: Easter at Aldi

A quick round up of the new Easter selection at Aldi. 

Dairy Fine Super Minis Easter Egg: If your looking for something a bit different from the same old Cadbury or Mars selection egg then this Super Minis Easter Egg might just be a fun replacement. It contains mini versions of Aldi chocolates such as Jive, Titan, Dreamy (which are very similar to Twis, Mars and Milky Way). £2.79p at Aldi for 347g.

Choceur Eggjoyables: These look so cute, I had to buy both packs (let's see if they last until Easter!). The Aldi Eggjoyables consist of egg carton boxes containing four cream filled eggs (and two spoons) in two varieties; Chocolate or Vanilla. They look similar to the Cadbury Egg N' Spoon, but of course, a little cheaper. £1.49p per box at Aldi.

Dairy Fine Mini Beanie Eggs: Apologies for the terrible photo but these also looked interesting. Each 100g bag is filled with 8 quite big chocolate bean filled eggs. They remind me of those little Smarties filled chicks that usually cost something like 2 for £1.00p. I picked up a few bags of the Dairy Fine Mini Beanie Eggs instead - very useful for Easter egg hunts. £0.99p each bag at Aldi.

Dairy Fine Choccies Medium Egg: On the subject of chocolate beans I was also tempted by this colourful Choccies filled egg at the bargain price of 79p. If you've tried it then let me know in the comments below - thanks! £0.79p at Aldi.

Moser Roth Easter Eggs: They had quite a few impressive looking Easter Eggs in the more upmarket Moser Roth range. I saw four varieties: Banoffee Pie, Dark Fudge Brownie, Pink Delight or Chocolate Wonder. Not sure on the price but I think they were around the £3.49p mark. Will update.

Easter Marshmallows: I'm a sucker for a novelty shaped marshmallow and I couldn't resist picking up these Bunny & Chick Shaped Marshmallows. £0.99p for 225g at Aldi.

Star Wars Sweet Popcorn: And lastly, I couldn't resist including this non-Easter item. Perhaps stretching the boundaries of acceptable merchandising, but this multipack of popcorn is actually quite impressive looking. Each of the bags features a solid R2-D2 design on the front which looks really cool. Also available in a Disney Frozen version. £1.49p at Aldi.

As always if you've spotted any new products instore then I'd love to hear from you - email grocerygems@gmail.com or tweet me @grocerygems.


  1. My Friday night food shop is doomed. Goodbye carefully planned meals and hello trolley full of chocolate!

    1. Haha that describes most of my food shopping trips :D

  2. I'm glad I don't have an Aldi close to me, the temptation would be too much! Those Eggjoyables sound interesting I wonder how they compare to Dairy Milk Egg N Spoon. Please do a review Katherine :)

    1. Yes please do a review, Kitty Kat! My nearest Aldi is a nightmare - People go round the wrong way as well as park stupidly outside which both infuriates me and puts me off going! xx

    2. Aww thanks guys. Been a bit lazy with reviewing recently. I'll deffo give the Eggjoyables a review now though :)

      I used to hate Aldi for the same reasons Lucy, but luckily they opened a brand new store nearer to me, and so far it's been a much nicer experience. Not too busy and lots of tills etc. I can't be doing with stressy shopping! x

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