22 Jun 2016

Review: CaféPod Coffee Pods (Nespresso Compatible) & 20% Discount Code

I reviewed the CaféPod range of capsules in 2014 (see review HERE) but earlier this year they've undergone a rebrand and redesign. Not only are the innovative boxes much sleeker but more importantly there is now more coffee per pod and stronger flavours overall. 

Discount Code


If you haven't given CaféPod a try before or haven't tried their coffee for awhile then it might be time to rediscover the range. CaféPod have offered my readers 20% off any coffee purchase for first time customers, excluding subscription. It's valid until 30th September, with one use per customer. 
Just use the code GROCERYGEMS20 at the checkout.

I was sent four CaféPod varieties to try out; two from their Single Origins range, Sumatra and Colombia, and two of their strongest blends, the Ristretto and the Supercharger. I did find that all the blends were much stronger than the first time I tried this range. I also preferred the new box design. They're about half the size of the previous boxes so are much easier to stores. I also liked the easy-open design and dispenser.

CaféPod Colombia: This was one of my favourites of the four. It produced a wonderfully thick crema on top of each cup of coffee. The flavour is satisfyingly strong but with a silky smooth blend which is just how I like my coffee. 

CaféPod Sumatra: The Sumatra blend is even stronger than the Colombia but still without any bitterness. The crema was not as thick but the overall flavour was robust and rich. It's smooth enough to enjoy with or without milk and I didn't need to add any extra hot water.

I was excited to try out the new updated CaféPod Ristretto and also the awesome looking Supercharger. I love the bright orange box with the battery charger symbols on the back - exactly what I need in the morning! 

CaféPod Ristretto: I enjoyed the previous CaféPod Ristretto but I have to admit that this one is definitely stronger. It has a full bodied flavour and I prefer it with the addition of milk. It's also great as a base for lattes.

CaféPod Supercharger: This is the newest addition to the CaféPod range and their first capsule with a 12 intensity. Funnily enough I actually found this blend to have a smoother and more mellow flavour than some of the others. It definitely has an intense coffee kick but the overall flavour is lovely and smooth. I usually find the higher intensity Nespresso pods too intense and bitter for me but that's not the case here.

Overall, I was really impressed with the improvements to the CaféPod range. I didn't find any of their coffees to be weak tasting (which I did for a few of them last time). It's definitely worth a try for anyone who loves coffee - there's a great Taster Pack on their website which includes eight different blends. 

I used a Nespresso Inissia machine (the type with a lever that is pushed down) for this review and tried each coffee with and without milk (just a very small amount of almond milk).

PR Samples. 

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