5 Oct 2016

New Instore: Cadbury Snowy Fingers, Fibre One Salted Caramel Bars & More

Cadbury Snowy Fingers: The first of many limited editions in this post. Cadbury Snowy Fingers are covered in half milk and half white chocolate for a 'snowy' look. It's a simple concept but I'm sure these will be very popular whilst they're available. Spotted At: Asda - £1.00p.

Alpro Dessert Moments Hazelnut Chocolate: Thank you to FlipM for this photo. According to the Alpro website there are three flavours of Alpro Dessert Moments; Hazelnut Chocolate, Almond and also a Coconut flavour. They all sound really good so I hope all three flavours have made it to the UK. Spotted At: Morrisons.

Monin Limited Edition Chocolate Cookie Syrup: I don't think I have ever seen a limited edition Monin syrup to buy in the supermarket before. This one looks good for making a mocha! Spotted At: Sainsbury's - £2.00p.

Pip & Nut Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter: This limited edition has been out for a few months now. I tried it for the first time last week and really enjoyed the natural flavour. It has a slight runny consistency so I recommend keeping it in the fridge. I've stocked up on a few more jars! Spotted At: Sainsbury's - £2.00p.

Walkers Stax: I believe these were available a few years ago and are now back for a limited time. There are three flavours available: Original, Paprika or Sour Cream. Spotted At: Asda - £1.00p.

Scarestrings: Of course, these Scarestrings are exactly the same Cheese Strings but just in a Halloween themed pack. Spotted At: Co-Op - half price offer £1.29p.

Cadbury Screme Egg Pots of Joy: With added Wooooo Green Goooo. Their description not mine. Spotted At: Co-Op - £1.00p.

Cadbury Pumpkin Patch Cakes; I love the packaging of this one! I'll probably pick up a pack nearer to Halloween. Spotted At: Waitrose - £2.49p.

Fibre One Salted Caramel Squares: I buy these 90 calorie bars every once in a while and it seems that the Lemon Drizzle flavour has been replaced with this Salted Caramel (at least in my local store). I think I'll wait for an offer before buying these as they are quite pricey for such a small pack. Spotted At: Waitrose - £2.89p.

Candy Kittens: This funky candy range is gluten free and made with natural flavours and ingredients. Spotted At: Waitrose - £2.49p.

Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie Pudding: There is also a Bread & Butter Pudding Available too. Spotted At: Waitrose.

Collective Dairy Honeyed Plum Gourmet Yogurt: A limited edition flavour from the Collective Dairy (which was released in September). This one is made with stem ginger, plum compote and honey. Spotted At: Waitrose £1.50p. 

As always, if you spot anything new instore and fancy sending me a photo then let me know via email: grocerygems@gmail.com or Twitter: @grocerygems.


  1. Alpro Dessert Moments and Pip & Nut Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter - OMG I neeeed this in my life :(

  2. I agree, the Alpro Dessert Moments was delicious! Thanks for bringing it to my attention

  3. I agree, the Alpro Dessert Moments was delicious! Thanks for bringing it to my attention


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