28 Oct 2016

SWEETLY - New American Candy Subscription Box & Discount Code!

I was recently contacted by Sweetly about their new American candy subscription boxes and was lucky enough to receive one of their first boxes to try out. I love trying out candies and chocolates from the US and the Sweetly box is absolutely crammed full of sweet treats.

Here's a sneak peak at what was inside my Sweetly box before the full breakdown: 

I honestly don't know how they packed so many items into the size of the box but everything was in perfect condition. 


I was surprised to find four full sized chocolate/candy bars in the Sweetly box. The Butterfinger, 5th Avenue and Whatchamacallit bars are all absolute classics. I've tried these three before, and they're all firm favourites, but the fourth bar, U-NO, is a new one to me.

The U-No is described as a rich creamy chocolate. The texture is unusual with a crumbly, fudgey quality. The chocolate flavour is actually really good with a strong cocoa taste and creamy finish. There is 'chocolate liquor' listed in ingredients which gives the bar an extra lift!


I wasn't expecting to find drinks in the Sweetly box but these are very welcome additions. I've never actually tried Kool-Aid before and this Pink Lemonade is exactly the type of flavour I would choose for myself. The Gatorade Thirst Quencher is also a new one to me. It's a naturally flavoured Lemon-Lime sparkling drink - another one that I can't wait to try! 


There were plenty of American candies in the Sweetly box. The throwback Nerds Rainbow are always fun, along with the Original Lemonhead Lemon Candy and a small pack of Now & Later Extreme Sour Watermelon Soft Chews. 

There was also a pack of Starburst Gummi Burst Liquid Filled Gummies which I was really excited to find in the box. They remind me of my favourite (and much-missed) Haribo Cherry Cola with liquid filling. The flavours were all very sweet and fruity and I loved the oozy burst of the each liquid centre!


Finally are another three classic American treats - a Moon-Pie Double Decker, a Hostess Twinkie and the Boyer Mallo Cup. I've never tried the Mallo Cup before but it's absolutely delicious, with a gorgeously gooey, coconut marshmallow centre. So good!

The Moon Pie has been around since 1917 and was actually created during the Great Depression. It's a combination of layers of marshmallow creme sandwiched between graham crackers and covered in chocolate. I really enjoyed this one, it's like a massive Wagon Wheel but much tastier. 

Overall, I was impressed with the wide selection of surprise American treats in the Sweetly box. My box contained 13 different items, ranging from the classics to new finds. It's a great first box and I hope that Sweetly continue with such awesome boxes in the future. Definitely one to keep in mind as a gift idea for the foodie in your life!

Discount Code: GROCERYGEMS10

There are three ways to sign up to Sweetly - for one month (£16.99p), for three months (£15.99p) or for six months (£13.99p). Sweetly have very kindly provided my readers with a discount code for 10% off your first order. Simply enter the code - GROCERYGEMS10

All boxes come with free delivery and will contain 12-14 full sized items. Sweetly also say that the average value of the boxes is more than £30. Please take a look at the Sweetly website for more details about the different options:  www.sweetlyuk.com

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  1. ooh love a moon pie. shame its so expensive per month. crazy. i think ill stick to what i can find in b&M :-) (i got ghostbusters twinkies for £1!) i saw on amy's blog about the cereal subscription box which sounded like a fun idea umtil i saw the price!! insane.

    1. If you're lucky enough to have a decent B&M near you then it must seem quite pricy. I get most of my US products from Cybercandy or American Soda so this box seemed really good value in comparison!

      I can only get to B&M about once or twice a year and I don't seem to have much luck with their selections. Although I did get the Ghostbusters Twinkies last time!

      I'll have to check out that cereal subscription box too.

  2. you can only get to B&M twice a year? zoiks! you need to move :-)

    they've had big bags of pretzel flipz for £1.69 the past few times I've visited, and another brand called toad alley that were £1 - they weren't bad. I had decided to give in and buy a box of lucky charms but they've not had them since I decided that! not been anything super cool to report on since. there were some twizzler multiflavoured striped things which I got a bit obsessed with (as it had grape in it) but I think I've over done them! My friend recently went to the states and got me some grape jelly - I wish they'd do that!

    have you ever used this site https://americanfizz.co.uk/ - I think it was this one anyway, I got some reduced cinnamon bun oreos and cup cake ones for a silly price just cos they were past BB, think they were £2 instead of £6! so might be worth keeping an eye on their cleareance zone, not sure how I found it!


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