14 Mar 2014

New Instore: Easter Cakes & More

I spotted lots of new and returning goodies instore earlier this week, most of them in the bakery aisle for Easter but a few other treats too. As always I couldn't resist taking a few photos to share with you all. It definitely seems like the theme for Easter this year is Lemon Flavour with a bit of Orange - you'll see what I mean below!

McVitie's Limited Easter Edition St. Clements Mini Rolls - individually wrapped mini roll cakes with an orange and lemon flavoured cream.

Mr Kipling Lemon Whirls - buttercream and lemon flavoured filling. Mr Kipling is especially obsessed with lemon this year...

Mr Kipling Lemon Bakewells - made with a lemon curd filling. These look delicious and I'll definitely be picking them up nearer to Easter.

Mr Kipling Lemon Fancies - see what I mean about the lemon theme? Not sure where the lemon flavour is hiding in these as they are simply described as golden sponge cakes with a soft fondant icing. I suspect the fondant icing is lemon flavoured.

Mr Kipling St Clements Slices - at last some lemon with a (very slight) twist! These are light lemon sponges with an orange flavoured icing.

Cadbury Lemon Bars - Cadbury have their usual range of chocolate Easter cakes but I also spotted these Lemon Cake Bars amongst them. The packaging isn't Easter inspired at all but the lemon theme fits in well with all the other Easter cakes this year!

Jaffa Cakes Limited Edition Lemon Cake Bars - more lemon! Although these are covered in dark chocolate which makes them slightly different from the rest.

Tesco Happy Easter Lemon & White Chocolate Cookies - fitting in with the lemon theme nicely are these little cookies. I like the idea of a lemon and white chocolate combination so I'll probably give these a try.

The Fabulous Bakin' Boys Easter Mini Delights - There are two varieties, Double Choccy and Cherry Bakewell for these mini muffins.

Maina La Gran Nocciolata - now this is more my kind of thing. I love panettone at Christmas so I'm pleased to see Tesco stocking some Italian treats for Easter. This Maina La Gran Nocciolata is made with hazelnuts and orange pieces and features a crunchy almond and hazelnut glaze. I need to try this one!

And a few non-Easter related products.

The Collective Dairy Yogurt Mousse - I spotted two flavours of this new yogurt mousse, Mango and Vanilla, but apparently there is also a Banana version. Guess which one I want to try?

Maynard Discovery Patch: Myths & Monsters and Animals - these sweets are brilliant! Get your kids to eat candy and learn about mythical monsters and Greek legends at the same time - genius. But I know my eldest son will love these next ones more...

Maynard Discovery Patch Body Bits- BODY PARTS as sweets! Seriously awesome, and I'm sure these will be a hit with kids. Review coming soon - I want to know just how gruesome those body bits are.

Wispa Gold - I reviewed the Wispa Gold sachets a few days ago but it's good to know it also comes in this larger tub format. Perfect for adding that extra spoon (or two) of hot chocolate powder into every cup...

Carte Noire Espresso Collection - Nespresso machine compatible capsules. Some of you may know that I'm a Nespresso addict so I had to buy these straight away, I'll be reviewing them soon. I spotted three varieties in my local Waitrose.

I hope you enjoyed these little glimpse into some new products instore. All products were spotted in Tesco, unless otherwise stated. I'll be updating this post a few more times with any new Easter products, and as always do let me know if you spot anything new by emailing grocerygems@gmail.com.


  1. Have you seen the Cadbury Orange Mini Rolls? I picked up a pack from Sainsbury's Central and instead of the jammy/marmalade-like filling I was expecting (like the Weight Watchers Jaffa Mimi Rolls), they had a bland-tasting orange cream. I've tried the Mr Kipling Lemon Bakewells before and they're deliciously zingy. The lemon Jaffa Cake bars remind me of the Lemon and Slime (really lemon and lime) cake bars that came out last Halloween. As for the Maynard's Body Bits, they remind me of the Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Body Parts I had when I was a kid. Do you remember those?

    1. No I haven't seen the Cadbury Orange Mini Rolls. Will look out for them to add to this feature but I won't buy them, based on your description they don't seem worth it! I'll definitely pick up the Lemon Bakewells instead :)

      I agree about the Jaffa cakes bars, very similar to the Halloween ones, and I've never liked those so another miss for me. Thanks for letting me know about the Rowntree Body Parts. I don't remember those (just googled them and they look great!), but the Maynard's Body bits do remind me of something, not sure what though.

    2. I bought the Lemon Bakewells and they're as good as I remember from about a year or two ago but this time they have added gold, silver and white sugar crystals on top.

  2. So much Lemon stuff, I don't see what it has to with Easter!

    1. It's like all the big brands had a meeting and agreed not to bother with any exciting flavours. Either that or they don't trust the British public to be more adventurous. I'd like to see some cinnamon or spiced flavours in these cakes, that would be a bit different but still in keeping with the Easter theme. What Flavours would you like to see for Easter?

  3. The Maynards body parts remind me of the Rowntrees ones too! I'd totally forgotten about them until now..

    1. Sounds like tthey need to bring those back too!

  4. Re. which yogurt mousse you want to try - BANANA?? Lol I rather fancy that myself and the lemon bakewells sound yum too, have to hunt them down I think!

    1. LOL got it in one Jo! But of course that's the only flavour I can't find instore!

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