11 Mar 2014

Review: Fibre 1 Chocolatey Fudge Brownies (Canada)

Just over a month ago I was sent another phenomenal parcel of goodies from David, a well travelled reader, who has previously introduced me to the delights of the Canadian Vachon cake range (review here) and the fabulous Alfajores (review here). He very kindly sent me more from the Vachon range (including the gorgeous May West cakes!) and these slightly healthier treats, the Fibre 1 Brownies. I've taken my time to post these reviews as I really wanted to thoroughly enjoy these products, allowing myself the occasional morning cake or brownie with a cup of Nespresso! I'll be featuring a further review of the Vachon cakes soon.

These Fibre 1 Chocolatey Fudge Brownies are made by General Mills Canada. They're also available in the US as "Fibre One", but I've never seen these to purchase in any import shops here in the UK, so a huge thank you to David for sending these out for me to try. Each 25g brownie is individually wrapped (there are five in a box) and contain 100 calories and 6g of fibre per serving. 

The brownies themselves are quite small but have a very pleasing appearance. They seemed like they might be quite dry in texture but they were actually a lot lighter than they look. They're not squidey and moist like a full fat brownie would be, but the texture was slightly softer on the insides compared to the drier outer layer. I enjoyed the chocolate flavour in these, it has just the right amount of sweetness for a small treat, being not overly sweet or heavy. It's enough to keep my chocolate sweet tooth satisfied at least. There are a few scattered chocolate chips which give an extra burst of chocolate and some added texture too. Each brownie has 25% of your daily recommended fibre serving but these didn't taste like a high fibre health product to me. Whilst there is no doubt that the high fibre content gives these a different texture to regular brownies, they're much tastier than I was expecting and I wish they were available in the UK!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Fibre 1 Chocolatey Fudge Brownies

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes - the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour sounds good!
Purchased: Sent from Canada.

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