1 Mar 2014

OyatsuBox - Japanese Snack Subscription Box!

OyatsuBox is a monthly subscription service from Oyatsu Cafe that sends out a box full of the latest snacks and candies direct from Japan. It costs $25 (which is about £14.92) with no delivery charges on top. There were 11 items in total in my OyatsuBox, and the box was filled to the brim! I was delighted to find my favourite Japanese brands such as Pocky, Hi-Chew and even an exclusive Kit Kat flavour included in the box alongside many others treats and a helpful information sheet in English which describes all the products.

It's such a fun idea and a great gift for anyone who is a fan of Japanese snacks (or just snacks and candies in general!). More details online: www.oyatsubox.com. Take a look at what I received in my OyatsuBox!

Dagashi Super Pack: Even though this counts as one item it's actually a large pack filled with 10 individual Dagashi items. Dagashi is the term for classic small snacks, a bit like what we would call pocket money sweets. This pack had two Umaibo which I have reviewed previously HERE, large corn puff snacks that taste delicious. Also included are UmaiJelly, Mochi-taro, Choco Daifuku, Kakinotane-Choco, Classic Fruit Gum, Happy Pandaro and rare mini-Umaibo.

Such a fantastic selection here which we all enjoyed. My kids thought that it was Christmas again when they got to open all this all up! And of course this was just one item in the OyatsuBox, now onto the rest!

Pocky Matcha Chocolate: I can't shop for Japanese snacks without including some new Pocky so I was pleased to see some included in the OyatsuBox, especially as I have never tried this particular variety before! I love matcha (green tea powder) as a flavour so these look wonderful.

LOOK Sparkling Lemonade Chocolate: Described as a chocolate infused with a lemonade flavour that actually fizzes and sparkles when you eat it. I can't wait to try this!

Big Black Thunder Chocolate Bar: I've heard of this iconic brand before but never had the opportunity to try it. This Japanese chocolate bar brand carries the tagline "Delicious taste in a flash of lightning!" and this BIG version is for serious fans with double the impact. Sounds epic!

Kit Kat Dark Chocolate: A beautifully presented box of mini Dark Chocolate Kit Kat, an exclusive Japanese flavour made with dark Asian chocolate. I couldn't wait to try these and they were utterly delicious, with the most luxurious dark chocolate flavour and no bitterness at all. Full review coming soon.

One Piece Gum & Poster: One Piece is a popular anime series that has apparently taken the world by store. OyatsuBox is proud to include this awesome box of One Piece Gum and a bonus collectible poster. The packaging here is really unique with anime art on all sides and my eldest son can't wait to investigate the contents!

Big Katsu: This is such an interesting snack! It's a savoury strip that is covered in breadcrumbs to emulate a Japanese Katsu (cutlet). The texture is similar to beef jerky but the flavour is slightly spicy and salty. It was quite greasy but I shared it with my hubby and we both enjoyed this unusual snack.

Black Black Mints: Super strong mints with a big dose of caffeine! These are described as being perfect for studying or long nights at work. I could have used these during my Uni days, I had to rely on endless cups of coffee to get through my studying! Full review coming soon.

Pokemon White Chocolate Corn Puffs: These are Pokemon shaped corn puffs with a white chocolate flavour and each box comes with a limited edition sticker. 

Seriously cannot wait to try these! I've never had a white chocolate and corn puff combination before, or was even aware that such a thing existed. 

Hi-Chew - Suppaichu: If there is one Japanese candy I recommend that everyone should try it's Hi-Chew. They're uniquely chewy sweets that always deliver a full flavour. I've reviewed a few HERE and HERE but I've never tried this lemon version before. Each lemon Hi-Chew candy has little sugar bits within it that add a little kick of sour flavour. Just like every Hi-Chew I've tried before these are so addictive and tasty.

Russian Roulette Gum: This is such a fun idea! Each pack contains three pieces of chewing gum. Two have a sweet liquid centre and one piece is insanely sour! I tried them on the three Grocery Gems boys (I include hubby in that!) and my eldest son was the one who got the sour. It was so funny seeing his face react when the sourness hit, luckily he's at the age where he loves this kind of stuff and took it in good spirits!

A photo of all the goodies together! All the items are full sizes and the box really was crammed full. Even though I often try Japanese products it was still exciting opening the OyatsuBox, and especially finding that everything inside was new to me. This really would make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves trying new food products, and is also perfect as an introduction to the exciting world of Japanese snacks.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Cherizena Banoffee Pie Coffee

RATING: 10 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes! 

Purchased: Available from www.oyatsubox.com
Price$25 (which is about £14.92) with FREE shipping.

I was sent an OyatsuBox for an honest review.


  1. Can't wait for these reviews! I LOVE the colourful packaging. Wish more UK stuff was less boring looking.

    1. Thank you! I love the packaging too, even the way some of them open and close is done with thought and style. Love it!

  2. Ahh, was cool to see other boxes had slight differences!
    I never thought I'd enjoy the Katsu but it was actually really nice :D


    1. Thank you! I would have liked to try the Strawberry Kit Kat but this dark chocolate version was really good.

      The Katsu was a real surprise!

  3. Hi,

    Saw your blog post and decided to order. Arrived today. What a great selection! Thanks for spreading the word.

    1. Hi there, so pleased you enjoyed your selection! Did you get the same items as above or was your selection slightly different? I can't wait for next month's box :)


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