8 Jun 2015

New Instore: Asda Biscuit Spread, Gourmet Coffee Drops & More (UPDATED!)

Asda Crunchy Biscuit Spread: This appears to be a biscuit spread made of digestive biscuits (going by the picture on the front and the ingredients list). It looks quite interesting but I don't see how a digestives spread can compete with the speculoos biscuit spread. Let me know if you've tried it! 

Star Wars Wookie Cookie Kit: There is a range of new Star Wars themed baking kits, made by Fiddes Payne, in Asda including this Star Wars Cookie Kit which comes complete with a Wookie cookie cutter. £1.98p at Asda.

Pictured above there is also a Star Wars Cupcake Kit and a Stormtrooper Cookie Kit (on the right of the photo). £1.48 and £1.98p each at Asda. 

Star Wars Stormtrooper Pops Kit: There is also a bizarre looking Stormtrooper Cake Pops Kit which presumably will never turn out looking like the ones on the box... ever. £1.98p at Asda.

Tresseire Gourmet Coffee Drops: These are sugar free Vanilla or Caramel drops for coffee. They look a bit like those Robinson's Squash'd flavourings for water as they have a similar little squeezy bottle. Thanks so much to Sarah T. for the photo - I'll definitely be giving these a try. I can imagine carrying these around with me to flavour coffee on the go - yes I am a complete coffee addict! £2.00p at Asda (introductory offer). 

A big thank you to Lucy. W. for the next photos:

Müller de Luxe Corner Triple Chocolate: Müller are continuing to release new flavours in their de Luxe range of Müller Corner yogurts. This Triple Chocolate variety sounds very indulgent with a white chocolate yogurt, a hidden dark chocolate layer and milk chocolate "candied fancies" on the side. £1.00p in Asda.

Emmi Caffe Latte Espresso Zero: This is a ready made iced coffee that is both sugar and lactose free which makes it unique for this type of product. I'll definitely be giving this a try too. £1.35p at Tesco.

Hotel Chocolat Carrot Cake: I was also sent this photo of the new Carrot Cake Selector chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. Lucy tells me there are several other new flavours in the selector range. The Carrot Cake chocolates actually contain real carrots and are made with carrot purée within a walnut praline, with cinnamon and nutmeg spices, encased in a milk chocolate shell and topped with vanilla bean white chocolate. I haven't been to Hotel Chocolat in absolutely ages (years even) but these are enough to tempt me back! £3.75 at Hotel Chocolat.

Krispy Kreme Cheesecake Doughnuts: Thanks also to Lucy W. for this photo of the new cheesecake themed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. There are two limited edition varieties; Salted Caramel and Lemon Cheesecake.

Rubik's Chocolate Bar: My eldest son is a bit of a Rubik's cube fan - it's seriously impressive how quickly he can solve them. I couldn't resist buying him this Rubik's Chocolate Bar which also appeals to my inner geek. £0.99p at B&M Stores.

Kingsmill Burger Thins: I picked up a pack of these new soft white Burger Thins. These have 112 calories per thin which I think is quite good. £1.00p at Tesco.

Mars & Snickers High Protein 22g Milkshake: Mr. Grocery Gems is a keen runner and he's been enjoying these new high protein chocolates shakes as his post-run drink. Apparently there is also a new lactose free Mars Bar Milkshake too. £2.00p each at Tesco. 

Thank you to Sarah T. and Lucy W. for their photos. As always if you spot any new products I'd love to hear from you - grocerygems@gmail.com or @grocerygems

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