9 Jun 2015

Review: Warburtons Thin bagels

Thank you to Warburtons who recently sent me a hamper full of their new Bagel Thins to try. These bagels are ideal for this time of year, as they have all the taste of a regular bagel, but are slightly smaller and thinner, with less calories too. 

There are three varieties available; Plain Bagels, Sesame Bagels and Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels. The Plain variety has only 120 calories per bagel, whilst the Sesame and Cinnamon & Raisin bagels have 130 calories each. 

Warburtons Thin Bagels - Plain: Even though the Warburtons Bagel Thins are hinner than regular bagels they are still a good size and are big enough to make a decent sized bagel sandwich. The Plain variety has a lovely soft texture which is great for toasting. I also found that because these are thinner, it makes them less chewy then regular bagels so they can also be easily enjoyed without toasting - which is great for packed lunches!

Warburtons Thin Bagels - Cinnamon & Raisin: These are just delicious and I have to admit I enjoy them most when just lightly toasted and spread with a little butter. Each bagel has a lovely sweetness from the juicy raisins with a wonderful cinnamon spice flavour. My eldest son is a big fan of hot cross buns and he really enjoyed the similar warming flavour in these delicious bagels too.

Warburtons Thin Bagels - Sesame: I don't often buy Sesame bagels but I actually really enjoyed these as an alternative to my usual bread for sandwiches. They're also delicious with cream cheese! 

Overall I really enjoyed the Warburtons Thin Bagels range. I actually prefer this slightly smaller size, as I found them satisfying enough for a filling breakfast or lunch, without being too doughy or heavy. 

Warburtons Thin Bagels are available at Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury's - they're currently on offer for £1.00p a pack in Tesco. 

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  1. I bought warburton plain thin bagels had one for breakfast with cream cheese, polish meat and baby plum tomatoes. Very tasty, soft would recommend these. I will keep buying them but would like to try the raisin and cinnamon..thankyou warburtons


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