30 Apr 2014

New Cadbury Neapolitan Mini Rolls

Last year I reviewed the ice cream inspired range of Cadbury Mini Rolls (see my review HERE), which were not only flavoured like ice creams but could also be enjoyed frozen. The whole range has been given a packaging makeover and two of the original flavours, Raspberry Ripple and Mint Choc, are now joined by a new flavour - Neapolitan. This new variety combines the three flavours of Neapolitan ice cream (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla), through a strawberry and vanilla flavour creme centred sponge cake, covered in milk chocolate.

The inner packaging once again features Mini Rolls enjoying various summer activities. It's worth noting that each new pack now has 5 Mini Rolls rather than 6 - and yes, the price is still the same per pack. D'you remember the good ol' days (last year) when we used to get 6 Mini Rolls for our pound? Ah, them was the days!

I decided to stick a few of these Mini Rolls straight in the freezer, it only takes 2 hours before they are ready to enjoy as a frozen treat. Of course, they can also be eaten at room temperature. Once frozen the cakes retain a soft texture, whilst the outer chocolate is cold but does not become too hard. The pink centre is very creamy with a lovely strawberry and vanilla combination, and is the only part that really benefits from being frozen. The sweet strawberry and vanilla flavouring of this inner creme, coupled with the chocolate coating, do successfully recreate the flavours of a Neapolitan ice cream. Overall, I much prefer these to the regular Strawberry flavoured Cadbury Mini Rolls, the creaminess of the centre here is very tasty, whether frozen or not. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Cadbury Mini Rolls Neapolitan:

Rating: 7 out of 10. 
Buy Again: Maybe.
Nutrition: 120 calories.
Vegetarian: Yes.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £1.00p each pack of 5 Mini Rolls.

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