1 Apr 2014

Review: Nespresso Columbian Terroirs: Santander & Cauca

The new Spring 2014 Limited editions from Nespresso have been released and this time they focus on the coffee growing regions of Columbia. The coffee from the Cauca region was described to me, by Nespresso staff, as growing along mountain sides and taking on a fruity and winey aroma. By contrast the coffee from the Santander region was described as growing on tree shaded plains which gives the coffee a distinct toasted and cereal like flavour with sweeter notes.

The Nespresso Cauca Grand Cru has an intensity of 6 and is especially recommended as the base for cappuccino. I couldn't quite detect the fruity notes which are said to give this coffee it's unique flavour, however there was a slightly winey bitterness to the aftertaste. As always from Nespresso, it's a complex coffee with a fully rounded flavour, and I would agree that it does particularly benefit from the addition of milk and therefore suit a cappuccino style drink.

The Nespresso Santander Grand Cru has an intensity of 7 and is said to be ideal for milkier coffees such as lattes. I enjoyed the flavour of this one, it's slightly light and creamy but still intense enough to be welcome as a morning coffee. I've been turning to this one most mornings this week. So far I haven't actually tried it as a latte (although that is on my to-do list!), as I find it satisfying enough simply as a lungo with a small amount of milk. 

Overall I enjoyed both these limited editions and I would certainly buy them again before they disappear, however I don't think they are special enough for me to wish they were part of the permanent line up. 

Have you tried the Cauca or Santander? I'd love to read your opinions on this Columbian Terroirs range in the comments below, thank you!

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