2 Apr 2014

Review: Teapigs Popcorn Tea

This Popcorn Tea from Teapigs is a traditional tea from Japan which has a lovely story behind it. Apparently when green tea was too expensive for the peasant folk to afford it regularly, they would add grains of toasted rice to the tea to make it go further. From these humble beginnings it's now celebrated as a popular tea in it's own right called Genmaicha tea. I couldn't resist picking up a pack of this Teapigs version when I saw it in a Wholefoods Market recently. 

Some of the toasted rice grains look just like tiny popcorn pieces!

The tea itself is a refreshing green tea and the addition of the toasted rice pieces gives it a really interesting and different edge. The flavour is certainly unique, with an unusual toasted sweetness. It's described by Teapigs as being a bit like Sugar Puffs and it really does have a similar toasty wheaty taste, but thankfully nowhere near as sugary!  Of course this doesn't actually taste of popcorn but it's a very tasty tea nonetheless.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Teapigs Popcorn Tea

Rating: 8 out of 10
Purchased: Wholefoods Market or online at www.teapigs.co.uk 
Price: £4.49p.


  1. I love this tea, it's so unique! I never see it in shops though where I am.

    1. It's definitely hard to find - this is the first time I've seen it instore near me too.

  2. Interesting review! Speaking of sugar puffs, have you seen the two new flavours out? There is banana and strawberry and are currently on at asda for only £1 a box.. So they're not too expensive, we''ll just have to see if they're worth it though! Hehe:D

    1. Hi Liv, thanks so much for the heads up! I hope to get to Asda in the next few days so I'll try to pick up the new Sugar Puffs. I had heard about the Banana Sugar Puffs but not the Strawberry ones - both sound interesting!

  3. I have a sachet of Twinings popcorn tea that I got last week from B&M for £1.49 - there is only 12 in the pack and I guess twinings have discontinued them now, but thought they were worth a try. I have had one and really like them! I see teapigs is the other option, so I will be saving these as teapigs are expensive - had I know, I'd have bought two! ha.


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