20 Jun 2014

Beech's "Thank You" Continental Assortment Gift Pack

Beech's Fine Chocolates have a wide range of Gift chocolate assortment boxes printed with different messages; from Congratulations to Happy Birthday and there's even an I Love You. The Beech's "Thank You" Gift Box has been recently re-launched with a new range of assortments, just in time for the end of the school year, it makes a sweet little gift for a favourite teacher.   

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Delivery is free on purchases over £12.00. 

Each 90g box contains an assortment of 7 different milk, dark and white chocolates. The selection includes; Dark Coffee Cream & Walnut, Dark Orange Truffle, Milk Vanilla Triangle Mousse, Milk Caramel Delight, Milk Strawberry Parfait, Milk Hazelnut Swirl, and White Hazelnut Supreme. It's a lovely mix of chocolates and flavours with something for all taste buds. My husband especially loved the Caramel Delight and Hazelnut Swirl chocolates. My personal favourites were the following:

Coffee Cream & Walnut: Described as "the fine flavour of roasted coffee beans in a creme covered in smooth dark chocolate, finished by hand with a sprinkle of walnut sugar crocant". For me this was more of a coffee flavoured fudge than a creme, but it was delicious nonetheless. The sweetness of the fudgey filling goes perfectly with the creamy coffee flavour and dark chocolate coating.

White Hazelnut Supreme: A rich hazelnut praline truffle centre covered in white chocolate. I don't think there are many white chocolate and hazelnut combinations out there so this one was a real treat. To be honest I could have eaten a whole box of just these! The sweet vanilla of the white chocolate and the rich nutty filling is a delightful combination.

Milk Vanilla Triangle Mousse: Even though vanilla is seen as a boring flavour I don't think it's very common in mainstream selection boxes (from the likes of Cadbury et al), so I was really pleased to see this flavour included here. As with all Beech's products it contains only natural flavours, in this case it's flavoured with Madagascan vanilla. The result is extremely sweet, especially as the vanilla mousse is paired with a creamy and very sweet milk chocolate. 

Overall this is a lovely box of chocolates that would certainly make a nice gift. It's not too big or too small, it would be perfect to give alongside a bunch of flowers for example, or just as a little treat. I also really like the outer packaging here, it's quite neutral so will suit any type of gift recipient, and looks expensive (even though they are great value at £3.49!). The selection of chocolates included is excellent and there is plenty here to appeal to most tastes. It's also going to be repackaged as a Christmas gift assortment later in 2014, it will have the same contents but comes in a gorgeous green and red holly design box.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Beech's Continental Assortment Gift Pack

Rating: 8 out of 10.
Buy it again: Yes.
Nutrition: 510 calories per 100g.
Vegetarian: Suitable for vegetarians.
Purchased: Available HERE
Price: £3.49 each.


  1. That's some delicious goodness by Beech's

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