28 Jun 2014

The Fabulous Bakin' Boys World Cup-Cakes!

I think I've mentioned a few times of this blog that I love flags (not football just the flags!). Well you can imagine then just how much this box of World Cup-Cakes appealed to me! The Fabulous Bakin' Boys have come up with some great limited edition themes in their time but this multi flag themed box for the World Cup one surpasses them all. The St. George's Cross features prominently in the middle, whilst the cakes are also themed in red and white, with a red velvet sponge and a strawberry flavour topping.

At the moment I've got a box of these permanently on display on my kitchen table, I just love looking at it. It might be the first time in my life that I actually keep a product packaging - I don't think I can bear to throw this one away.

There are six cupcakes in each box, all individually sealed, perfect for packed lunches. 

The insides of the cakes are very disappointing when it comes to the "red velvet" sponge description on the box. A "pale pink" velvet would be a better description. They really should have just stuck to calling them "strawberries & cream flavoured" because these are not even remotely similar to red velvet cakes. The flavour here is all from the strawberry topping, with a fairly standard cupcake sponge underneath. It's a little dry, but I quite like the fact that these are not too greasy. As strawberry & cream flavoured cakes they are actually quite nice and we've been enjoying them with a tea or coffee (in fact I've since gone back and bought a few more boxes). I can't be too negative about them because I still love that flag box too much!

Funnily enough I haven't seen these in any supermarkets, only in discount stores. Has anyone else seen these in major stores? UPDATE: I spotted them today in Tesco, also for £1.00.

Grocery Gems Verdict: The Fabulous Bakin' Boys World Cup-Cakes

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: 99p Stores.
Nutrition 146 calories per cupcake.

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