4 Jan 2016

Grocery Gems: Top Ten Reviews of 2015

A little later than promised but here's a run down of the Top Ten most viewed reviews on Grocery Gems. It's always interesting to look back and see what was most popular with the readers. For this list I'm only counting actual product reviews rather than my 'New Instore' lists.

10. Ribena Winter Spice

Just making it into the top ten is the limited edition Ribena Winter Spice. This was an interesting idea from Ribena and I'm sure it was a popular product for them. Even though I didn't give this a very high score, I still hope that Ribena will come up with some similar limited editions for 2016.

9. Cheetos Relaunched in the UK

Cheetos had not been released in the UK since the 1990's. Of course, it was still fairly easy to find Cheetos products here thanks to US imports and recently through Eastern European grocery stores. 2015, however, saw the return of Cheetos produced for the UK market. There are two flavours Twisted Flamin' Hot and Cheetos Crunchy Cheese. Although I quite enjoyed the flavours, I haven't bought these again since that first review.

8. Cadbury Creme Eggs New Recipe

2015 was also the year that saw Cadbury change the chocolate they use for the Cadbury Creme Egg. Gone was the much-loved Dairy Milk chocolate, replaced by a 'Standard Cocoa Mix' variety. Opinion was divided over whether it made any difference at all, with many feeling that their beloved egg was now ruined. I've never been much of a fan of Cadbury Creme Eggs so it's probably no surprise that I fell into the 'it tastes pretty much the same' camp.

7. Hartley's Glitter Jelly

Such a great new product from Hartley's - a jelly with a glittery appearance. Hartley's also came out with a few new flavours this year and the new Hartley's What's Your Flavour? jelly. I've always wondered why we don't get the wide range of jelly flavours in the UK in comparison to the rest of Europe. I'd love for 2016 to be the year that sees jelly flavours such as mango, papaya and peach being released in the UK (not including those horrible sugar-free versions).

6. Arla Sykr Icelandic Yogurt

There was a lot of excitement about the release of Skyr Icelandic style yogurt in the UK. Even though it turns out this Arla version is not exactly authentic it's still become a popular product range. I didn't like the flavoured versions, but the large tubs of plain Arla Skyr quickly became a regular feature of my weekly shopping list. It's a lovely thick and tangy yogurt that is delicious as a base for cereals or fruit.

5. Lidl Churros

One thing that always guarantees a trip to my local Lidl is when they hold their 'Best of Iberia' promotion. I love all the Spanish ingredients, cakes and frozen products they sell at this time and I usually make a point of stocking up. This review for the Lidl Churros kept popping up whenever Lidl was holding one of these Iberian themed weeks.

4. Haribo Frenzy Starmix

It was great to see Haribo coming up with some new flavours such as Pomegranate, Mandarin and Apricot, as well as some fun new colours, for their Starmix Frenzy Edition. The Tangfastics Frenzy version of these sweets from Haribo, which I tried some weeks after this review, were even tastier!

3. Krispy Kreme Reese's Peanut Butter Doughnut

A delicious combination of Reese's peanut butter and Krispy Kreme doughnut - this was a delectable match. I even preferred it to the Krispy Kreme Lotus Biscoff doughnut which I didn't think would be possible.

2. Magnum Pink Raspberry & Black Espresso

This is one of those reviews that I had completely forgotten about so I was quite surprised to see it so high up on the list. I didn't review many ice creams last year but I enjoyed both these new flavours from Magnum; the Black Espresso especially was delicious. I'm looking forward to seeing whether Magnum will be bringing out any new flavours in 2016.

1. Müller Light Goodies Yogurt

This was not what I expecting to be my most popular review last year but the whole Top Ten for 2015 was much closer in terms of views than the same list in 2014 (there was a runaway winner that year!).  Müller Light is a very popular brand and only seems to be increasing in popularity. I think Müller has added a few new flavours to the Müller Light Goodies range since my review. 

A few reviews that just missed out on the Top Ten (it was very close this year):

I hope you enjoyed this look back at the Top Ten Grocery Gems reviews of 2014. Thank you so much to all my readers, commentators, and all the lovely people who have sent me photos during the year. Thank you for all your support!


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