19 Jan 2016

Review: Mallow And Marsh Coconut Marshallow

Last year I reviewed the Mallow And Marsh Raspberry Marshmallow, that I received in a Degustabox, and really enjoyed. I've been looking out for the coconut version for some time now and Mr. Grocery Gems finally found it in a Whole Foods store. 

The texture is just as soft and squidgy as I was hoping with a deliciously sweet and strong coconut flavour. It's a really good combination but funnily enough I preferred the Raspberry Marshmallow overall. That one just had a sensational fruity flavour that I couldn't get enough of. Given the choice I would definitely go for the Raspberry flavour again, but I would still recommend the Mallow And Marsh Coconut Marshmallow to any coconut fans.

Grocery Gems Review: Mallow And Marsh Coconut Marshmallow

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Raspberry all the way.
Nutrition (per 25g serving)
83 calories.
PurchasedWhole Foods (also available at Sainsbury's).
Price: £2.00p.

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