14 Jan 2016

Review: Kinder Joy (UK Release)


A quick review of this new release for the UK. I previously reviewed Kinder Joy in a post about German candies a couple of years ago and it's great to finally see this product available here. 

The Kinder Joy is quite different to the more familiar Kinder Surprise chocolate egg. Instead of a foil wrapped chocolate, the Kinder Joy is made up of two plastic halves, that are individually sealed. 

The foil covered side contains a sweet treat of creamy and milk chocolate layers with two crispy chocolate and wafer balls There's even a little plastic scoop included to make it easier to eat. The other half contains a toy that is usually a bit bigger than the ones you'd find in a Kinder Surprise. Ours had a little tennis set with two little rackets and ball. (UPDATE: In our second Kinder Joy, the surprise was a kids plastic ring (like costume jewellery) with a large colourful flower). Overall, the Kinder Joy is a nice treat for the kids and I'm sure it will be a popular product over Easter.

Grocery Gems Review: Kinder Joy

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Co-Op.
Price (updated): £1.00p each or 2 for £1.60p.


  1. How much does an egg cost from the co-op please?

  2. These are cute! Would love to know the price too?

  3. Hi eagle-eyed readers! Sorry for the lack of price details on this review but honestly I couldn't remember the exact cost. I'm going to Co-Op again tomorrow and I'll update the review.

    For now I think that they were around the 80p mark (definitely less than £1 each) and on a deal when you buy 2 (I think it was 2 for £1.50p?). Anyway I'll update for sure tomorrow!

    1. Lovely! Thank you!

    2. Sooo I was almost right. They're £1.00 each or two for £1.60p (must be why I thought they were 80p each - doh!).

      I hope that helps. I've updated the info on the review too.


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