10 May 2012

Teapigs Peppermint Leaves tea (£4.50 at Waitrose)

Teapigs are a range of premium tea which don't come in teabags, these are 'tea temples'. They are essentially silky little bags containing whole leaf only, which makes the flavour unlike any other regular tea. The 'peppermint leaves' is probably my favourite so far, as it's so refreshing.  It really packs a punch with a strong mint taste, that is fresh and light without any bitter taste. They are also branded as a 'tummy tonic', since peppermint is well known for calming and easing bloated tums, so they are benefiical for your health whilst also tasting great.

I've also tried Teapigs Chai tea and the Everyday Brew which were both lovely. The Chai tea is spiced with cinnamon and cardamon and great for recreating a quick and easy Indian Chai tea. The little bag smells absolutely gorgeous even before any hot water has been added. The spices all smell fresh and fragrant.

The Everyday Brew makes a lovely full bodied cup of tea as it's blended from three types of tea Assam, Ceylon and Rwandan. You won't need a biscuit with these as you'll want to savour all of the layered flavours. I was expecting this to make a stronger cup of tea than the cheaper brands but it is actually quite light and again very fresh tasting.

I'll definitely be back to try more of these teas, especially their 'mao feng green tea' but I'm also intrigued by the sound of the 'roiboos créme caramel' which they call a 'skinny dessert' - yum!


  1. May try these as peppermint is good for stomach issues! Great find!

  2. Thanks Mike! They are definitely good for tummy issues, I hope you like them if you get some :)


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