5 Sep 2015

Review: Cadbury Hot Cakes - Double Choc or Butterscotch

These new Cadbury Hot Cakes are described as melting chocolate or butterscotch cakes smothered in Cadbury Milk Chocolate. They're available in two flavours Double Choc or Butterscotch and can be eaten hot or cold. To heat up they just need to be microwaved on full power for 15 seconds.

A big thank you to Laura who spotted these on the Ocado website a few days ago and let me know via Twitter. I actually found them today in my local Co-Op for £1.29p a pack.

Inside each pack there are two square shaped cakes which are covered in a layer or milk chocolate. Each cake is about the size of two Cadbury Mini Rolls together. Even though they can be eaten cold, I decided to try them heated up.

Cadbury Hot Cakes Butterscotch: Even after 15 seconds in the microwave I could see that the outer chocolate coating already had a melty appearance. Once I cut through the cake for this photo the Butterscotch filling oozed everywhere and seemed quite runny. I would probably heat the next one for only 10 seconds (although it was a different story with the chocolate one below). The sponge here is fairly basic, and a little on the dry side, but the chocolate flavour is fine. The Butterscotch filling is quite delicious with a buttery flavour and slightly salty edge. My only problem was that the whole thing was very sweet, almost throat-burningly sweet. I needed to have a very strong coffee to enjoy this one and even then I only had half.

Cadbury Hot Cakes Double Choc: The chocolate filling in these seems a lot thicker than the Butterscotch variety. After 15 seconds in the microwave the filling hadn't really melted so I put them in for another 10 seconds which did the trick. The sponge is the same as above, basic and a little dry. However the filling is lovely and gooey with a syrupy and quite buttery, chocolate flavour. In terms of sweetness, I found these a lot easier to eat than the Butterscotch variety. They are still very sweet but I could enjoy these with a cup of tea, no problem!

On the back of the packaging it says that these Hot Cakes can be enjoyed with ice cream or custard. Indeed the design on the front shows the Cadbury Hot Cakes served with ice cream. I think that would be a sugary overload for me but if you've tried them with ice cream then let me know what you thought in the comments below! 

Overall, this is an interesting new product from Cadbury. The cakes don't exactly end up hot after 15 seconds in the microwave, it's more of a warm cake, but it's still a nice easy dessert to serve up. I haven't tried them cold yet but I'll update this review when I do.

Grocery Gems Review:Cadbury Hot Cakes

RATING7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Maybe.
 225 calories per cake.

Vegetarian: Suitable for Vegetarians.
Purchased: Co-Op (also on Ocado and Sainsbury's online).
Price: £1.29p for pack of 2 x 50g cakes.


  1. You should try putting Cadbury Mini Rolls and custard in the microwave. OMG food heaven. The mini rolls because very hot, and with the hot custard is amazing. I don't think I will buy these.

    1. Great tip Bex, I'll definitely give that one a try!

  2. hi

    I ate the butterscotch flavour today (they were reduced to 49p in co-op so it would've been rude not to have tried!)

    15 secs did seem too long as, like in your pic, the filling was very runny and leaked from the cake. The photo on the packet looked nicer than the real thing - such is life ;-)

    I did worry a little about how runny it was when heated compared with solid at room temp (I had a nibble of a corner first, as a control study for comparison) - this was suggestive to me of saturated fats that clog arteries.

    Veeeeeeeery sweet, as you say. No sure I'd buy again but nice as a one off. I think I should have made a strong tea or coffee to drink with it.

    1. Hi, thanks for leaving your experience. Definitely worth a try at 49p!

      I did find the chocolate ones were less sweet (well in comparison anyway!)but to be honest I haven't bought either flavour again.

      Let me know if you ever try the choccy ones :)


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