18 Feb 2014

Review: The Laughing Cow Dip & Crunch Multi-Grain

This could be one of those products that is actually quite old despite the word "new" on the packaging as I can't really find anything about it's release online, so apologies if that is case. The Laughing Cow Dip & Crunch Multi-Grain are little servings of crackers with an individual portion of cheese spread. They're apparently a good source of calcium and certainly make a very convenient addition for kids lunchboxes. There is also a Light and an Original version available in this range.

Admittedly, I only occasionally buy these types of cheese dippers for my boys, only because they seem to get bored of them quickly, so it's nice to see product that offers a bit more interest in this category. The different smiley faces on each cracker was guaranteed to make my children take notice and they couldn't wait to try them.

The crackers are certainly fun to look at and kept my boys keen to try another one to see if they had a different face. The flavour is nicely wheaty and crunchy, not too salty or greasy, unlike other cracker cheese dippers and have a good texture from the added oat flakes and seeds. The cheese dip is also remarkably tasty, much nicer than the Dairylea Dunkers equivalent. It's mild enough for kids but still has an interesting enough flavour for adults to enjoy too. I had to stop myself from finishing a whole pack when I had only meant to try one! Apart from me eating  more than my fair share, the kids still managed to thoroughly enjoy The Laughing Cow Dip & Crunch and I'd certainly buy them again in future.

Grocery Gems Verdict: The Laughing Cow Dip & Crunch Multi-Grain

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition:  105 calories,
Purchased: Asda.
Price £1.00p (multipack of 4).


  1. Ooh this is interesting - they seem to have rebranded the 'Cheez Dippers' that I eat every weekend! The standard breadstick version was 102 calories but, looking at Asda's website, the 'new' Dip & Crunch version is 103 calories.

    Then there's this new entirely new type which looks very tasty (thanks for the review!), and another breadstick one with their lighter cheese which only comes in at 78 calories - yay!

    1. Thanks for all the extra info! I hadn't tried the Cheez Dippers range, so it looks like the rebranding has helped bring in at least one new customer! I'll have to try the lighter version next, thanks again :)

    2. No problem!

      I've only started getting Cheez Dippers in the last few months. I had been a big Dairylea Dunkers fan prior to that but they got rid of my two favourite flavours and the others were quite a few more calories so I switched to Laughing Cow (I was already a fan of their cheese triangles).

      I have to say I'm made up they're doing a lighter version too - means more calories for my evening treats ;)

  2. How cute are these! I don't even like cheese but I want them haha, will have to force them on my brother
    Great review as always :)

    1. Thank you! I bought them for the kids and have eaten quite a few packs myself, whoops... Hope your brother enjoys them :)

  3. Oh yummy!! I love The Laughing Cow cheese triangles - they are a staple in my fridge and no other cheese spread will do!! I fear I may eat several of these pots in one go tho so I better stick with the triangles :(

    1. Yes I love the cheese triangles too!! I was tempted to stock up on these Dip & Crunch sets but they're a bit too hard to resist so that would be a bad idea! They're so lovely as a snack with lunch though...


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