3 Feb 2014

Review: Propercorn Coconut & Vanilla

I could easily make this the shortest review I've ever written, because all I really want to say is THIS POPCORN IS HEAVENLY.  However, I'll try to provide an actual review, even though it's obvious where this one is heading.

From the minute I saw this popcorn featured on Foodstuff Finds, I knew I would have to try it - the coconut and vanilla flavour profile is one that I just adore.

My sad attempt at a "macro shot" above. Sadly I don't think my camera was up to the job! What I really wanted to point out was the visible coating which covers this popcorn. It's packed full of fresh coconut flavour, that is deliciously natural tasting. It's not that horrible artificial coconut that you get with some products, this has a pure fresh taste. The natural Madagascan vanilla gives the whole thing a subtle sweetness and creaminess that is just divine, whilst the addition of just a hint of sea salt lifts all the flavours to the levels of snacking perfection. I shall be back to Boots to stock up and hoard so many packets of this I will never need any other snack.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Propercorn Coconut & Vanilla

RATING: 10 out of 10.
Buy them again?: YES!!
Nutrition: 109 calories per 25g (pack is 30g).
Purchased: Boots. 
Price: £0.80p a pack. 


  1. I've been on the lookout for these but whenever I visit Boots they're always out of them. Must be mega popular!

    1. I think I was lucky then, they had quite a few packs in my local Boots. I can imagine a lot of people will want to go back for more packs once they've tried it!


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